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Woody Harrelson’s West Hollywood Cannabis Lounge

Sheldon Sommer

by Sheldon Sommer

December 27, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Woody Harrelson’s West Hollywood Cannabis Lounge

A verdant paradise for cannabis consumers awaits at The Woods, a cannabis social lounge in the city of West Hollywood, California.

Co-owned by actor and cannabis advocate Woody Harrelson, the two-in-one shop and consumption lounge features an elegant storefront. It offers an extensive menu of high-quality products that can be consumed on-site. The luxurious lounge setting transports visitors to a lush urban oasis. Here, guests can smoke, eat, drink, or otherwise socially consume cannabis in a wondrous yet sophisticated environment.

The Woods Experience

Guests stepping into this vibrant establishment are greeted by rich greenery and modern design. Plus, the guests have access to a curated selection of premium cannabis products. The dispensary area of The Woods offers a variety of smoking apparatuses, flower, edibles, pre-rolls and extracts.  The lounge’s well-informed retailers can make educated recommendations for customers with any level of smoking experience.

But the shop is much more than a dispensary. Rather, it is a unique celebration of cannabis culture through an immersive journey for the senses. Guests of the consumption lounge at The Woods enter a tropical paradise complete with luxurious sofas, chairs, and cabanas. Guests can immerse themselves in a rich jungle of thriving tropical plants, tropical birds, koi ponds, and trees. The decor makes for a stimulating yet soothing environment for socially consuming cannabis.

Cannabis Selection and Bar

For larger groups, the facility features three private consumption cabanas available to rent by the hour. Bongs and dab rigs are also available for rental, and the lounge provides complimentary rolling papers, grinders, lighters, and even games. Guests are also welcome to make purchases at the location’s THC consumption bar. The bar’s menu features complimentary non-infused coffee and tea as well as cannabis-infused drinks with varying strengths ranging from low to maximum dosages. But if you just want to BYOC (bring your own cannabis), you can also use the lounge as a social space to enjoy other products for a $20 fee.

California cannabis dispensaries are forbidden from selling non-cannabis food and drink, like at a restaurant or café. However, state law under the 2017 Medical Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) permits on-site consumption of cannabis at a dispensary with local approval. In other words, it is not illegal for a dispensary to allow consumption of cannabis products at their locations. Dispensaries cannot sell any non-cannabis food or beverages.  So, The Woods is not a bar or restaurant.

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Making The Woods possible: Woody Harrelson and West Hollywood

Known for his popular roles in both television and film, co-owner Woody Harrelson is also an active advocate for cannabis legalization. In fact, Harrelson won the Emerald Cup’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022 for his 420-friendly efforts. Harrelson has had a long-standing interest in opening his own dispensary.

Harrelson’s inspiration comes from his interest in the social environment offered by Amsterdam coffeehouses, where visitors can buy and consume cannabis on-site. As such, he wanted to create an establishment that offers more than just a retail experience.

West Hollywood, a city of around 35,000, is becoming a nexus for high-end cannabis establishments. Already popular as a tourist destination and entertainment hub, West Hollywood is further earning a reputation for cannabis-friendly policies, which have expanded the city’s desirability as a destination (known as the “Emerald Village”) for cannabis tourism. Because of the city’s welcoming promotion of the cannabis industry, businesses in West Hollywood are able to enjoy unique creative opportunities and rapid industry progress.


Cannabis Lounges: Making Space Responsible Consumption

A trendy tropical oasis in the Emerald Village of West Hollywood, The Woods not only transcends the conventional dispensary experience by offering enthusiasts a high-end haven for social cannabis consumption and celebration, but the business’ success additionally stands as a powerful example of the way forward-thinking local governments can act to mobilize progress and innovation in the evolving cannabis industry.

Cannabis lounges like The Woods are redefining the cannabis experience with more than just opulent atmospheres and social spaces. These establishments also represent normalization and acceptance of the cannabis industry by highlighting the pivotal role of supportive relationships between business owners and local governments in shaping the future of cannabis and responsible enjoyment for enthusiasts and newcomers everywhere.

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