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United Workers Make Money Off Passengers’ Confiscated Cannabis

Carlo Romulo

by Carlo Romulo

October 9, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes
United Workers Make Money Off Passengers’ Confiscated Cannabis

Two United workers Joel Lamont Dunn, and Adrian Webb, are in some serious legal trouble. The ramp cargo agents have been charged with conspiring to distribute a controlled substance, shedding light on their involvement in a long-running scheme. The operation involved stealing and selling cannabis from passengers’ checked luggage at San Francisco International Airport. The pair now awaits trial. 

What Exactly Happened?

According to a criminal complaint filed in June 2023, Dunn and Webb started running their scheme around 2020. The United workers enlisted the help of at least three other airport workers. Together, they stole cannabis from passengers’ checked bags, concealed it in large trash bags, and loaded it into their personal vehicles. They then sold the cannabis to customers in the Bay Area. The pair’s profitable scheme allegedly made them up to $10,000 per week!

Authorities first noticed the scheme in October 2022 when they apprehended two unnamed accomplices of Dunn and Webb. These individuals were caught transporting vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana, totaling 30 pounds, exposing the illicit operation.

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Impact of the United Workers’ Case on the Cannabis Industry

This case has garnered attention not only from the aviation sector but also from the cannabis industry. The United workers’ trial’s outcome could have significant implications for the transportation of cannabis, especially medical, across state lines. 

It’s worth noting that despite cannabis being legal for recreational use in California, it remains illegal to transport it across state lines under federal law. This case underscores the ongoing challenge of reconciling state and federal laws regarding marijuana.

The Aftermath

This case serves as a reminder that, even in states where cannabis is legal, risks come with transporting and selling it. The best case for legal protection for possessing medical cannabis is to get a medical cannabis card

It also highlights the potential for theft and other criminal activities when traveling by air. As Dunn and Webb await trial, the United workers’ case will continue to attract attention and possibly influence future security measures and regulations within the airline industry. Additionally, it could have significant implications for the cannabis industry’s efforts to navigate complex state and federal legal landscapes.

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