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Why Product Lab Tests Are Absolutely Necessary for the Cannabis Industry

December 19, 2019 11:01 am ET
Why Product Lab Tests Are Absolutely Necessary for the Cannabis Industry

Lab testing of cannabis products is a requirement for almost all of the legal cannabis industry. The type of lab testing available varies almost as much as the results from lab to lab do. You can turn to the internet and find an abundance of stories about lab results differing from lab to lab. In some cases, these tests can be the difference between a business doing well or entirely going under.

Take, for example, the hemp industry. Lab testing is a must for any hemp business. Hemp is classified as so by having a THC level in the United States of .3% THC or less. Anything else is considered marijuana (cannabis). Could you imagine selling hemp products that contained 4 or 5% THC in a prohibition state? You would be facing fines and prison time.  Let’s explore the importance of lab testing for cannabis products.

Why Lab Tests Are Important

Lab testing is essential for letting manufacturers of products know what is in the products they are making and selling. It enables them as well as the public to also know that the products tested are of quality and offer purity for consumption. Products that undergo testing are checked for things like acceptable levels of contaminants, chemical levels, and banned ingredients. Lab testing is also vital to ensure that the levels of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are also in line with what the product says it contains as well.

Cannabis products are often tested for terpenes too. This is a critical type of testing and, in the opinion of many, should be a requirement. Terpenes can trigger a lot of allergic reactions. Are you allergic to black pepper? If so, you will want to stay clear of cannabis strains that contain beta-caryophyllene like Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, and others.

Lab testing provides valuable information and much-needed peace of mind for consumers. It also provides proof of compliance for companies, at least it’s supposed to. The importance of lab testing is evident when we look at the vaping epidemic that is currently happening.

The Vaping Epidemic

Vaping related illnesses and deaths are on the rise in the United States. Many different vape products have been found to contain banned chemicals and substances not listed in their ingredients. Lab tests have discovered synthetic cannabinoids in vape products as well as substances like melatonin.

These are dangerous additives that don’t need to be in a regulated product. The question is, were they put there by the manufacturer, or did the violation of consumer safety and health rights occur after the product left the manufacturer?

The issue of it is the unregulated market or the legal market is one that can be addressed by having certified labs with a track record of credibility perform random inspections rather than testing just submitted samples. This could help determine the source of the rise in vaping related illnesses and deaths in America.

Fraudulent CBD Testing Claims

Companies have been accused of their products not containing what the lab tests say they do. These claims have been taking place since back in 2015. You can look at lists of companies that have received warning letters from the FDA in regards to their CBD products and health claims regarding said products on the FDA website here.

These warnings hopefully serve as a reminder to other companies that someone is watching. A big thank you goes out to all the business owners who strive to meet and exceed safety and health regulations when it comes to the products they offer for sale to the public.

The importance of credibly certified lab testing is becoming more evident. Facilities that conduct reputable testing should go further than to show that a product just passed. These tests should also indicate at what level of degree the products passed as well. Consumers deserve the peace of mind when it comes to the products they are consuming. This is where lab testing is essentially vital.

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