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Cannabis Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Cannabis Use

Natasha Winkler

by Natasha Winkler

January 31, 2020 09:51 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Cannabis Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Cannabis Use

Cannabis has made major headway when it comes to social acceptance. Cultural normalcy is a goal for many cannabis advocates. The cannabis-stigma has toned down, particularly in the last two decades and the cannabis industry continues to grow year after year. This cannabis transition from the back alleys to public events has been quite the shift to witness. While cannabis use becomes a publically and socially acceptable choice, cannabis etiquette is applicable “cannabis common sense”.

Puff Puff Pass: Don’t Park on the Grass

One house rule is Puff-Puff-Pass, meaning you hit the joint or blunt twice, then pass it to the next person partaking. Keep in mind you may encounter someone who doesn’t follow this etiquette and instead is a one-hit-per-turn-kinda-smoker. This is not applicable in all smoking circles and I advise you to observe other’s behavior if it isn’t your green. A Puff-Puff-Pass pattern seems to keep the smoke rolling and to prevent participants from hitting, hitting, talking, and hitting some more before passing. Or the notorious move of Parking on the Grass, holding the weed while others wait for a hit. This rule definitely goes hand in hand with “Don’t Park on the Grass”.

Don’t Slobber on the Joint.

When it comes to your turn to puff in a social circle, don’t lick your lips or put on chapstick right before taking a hit. Also do not smother the mouthpiece with your lips. Anybody who has smoked in a group before knows what it’s like to get passed the pot, only to get someone else’s spit on your lips. This has been a hazard of social smoking since the beginning of time. Before it’s your turn, wipe your lips to ensure your not goobering all over the sacred plant. No one asked for some of your cherry chapstick with those terpenes.

Pass to the Left.

Experienced smokers know that you pass the pipe/joint/etc to the left. This ritual is claimed to go back to the Rastafarian days in which cannabis is always passed clockwise. In addition, having a general consensus saves confusion when smoking with new or large groups. Most OG cannabis consumers have used this as a go-to when we were too high to remember who handed it to us. This etiquette is more difficult to follow if the group is not in some sort of formation.

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Do Turn Your Head to Cough Out That Massive Hit.

We have all inhaled a little too deeply or held it in a little too long and experienced an unsuspected burst from our lungs – coughing like a maniac until we can catch our breath. If you feel your chest rejecting that cloudy smoke, quickly turn your head away from those around you! I can not advise this enough. Nothing ruins the chill vibe like someone coughing right in your face, on your hand or lap. If you are mingling with new friends, take it easy to avoid an embarrassing spit-flinging coughing fit.

Do Change the Bong Water for a Fresh Session.

If you are hosting friends or just showing off your new piece, fresh bong water is a must. Any unit has a smoother taste and better function when clean and clean bong water is no exception, in fact, it is quite a necessity. Nothing overtakes a clean blend of cannabinoids and terpenes like nasty old bong water.

Don’t Leave Stale Smoke in the Chamber.

Speaking of nasty bongs and massive coughs…. always clear the chamber. Whether it’s a pipe, a bong or steamroller, don’t leave smoke in the unit. If you can not clear it with your inhale, you are setting up the next user for some stale smoke. This is a common issue with bongs and they can be more difficult to clear if not inhaled so use caution.

If You Smoke AROUND Others- You Gotta Smoke WITH Others.

If you are in a social setting and consuming cannabis, share! Cannabis is a community and it is very impolite to consume without offering to those around you. If you don’t have enough to share then, don’t pull it out. Wait until a more appropriate time presents itself and remember, if you keep the circle small the blunt will come back to you sooner.

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