CBD Isn’t Created Equally, Especially When It’s for Pets

March 6, 2020 11:13 am ET
CBD Isn’t Created Equally, Especially When It’s for Pets

Cannabidiol or CBD for short can be found just about everywhere these days. From corner stores and malls to vending machines, and online stores, there is an abundance of options when it comes to purchasing CBD. There are loads of reported benefits from consumers that testify CBD helps them. CBD isn’t only helping people. It’s also helping our pets too.

CBD may help improve skin complexion, as well as relieve pain from nerve-related damage and arthritis. It’s also known to help people fight the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Some consumers report that it helps reduce nausea and vomiting.

Medical evidence like that from countless papers on CBD published on the NCBI suggests that CBD works as a great anti-inflammatory and more. Naturally, if CBD can help with any of these symptoms, pet owners who love their pets facing similar symptoms are going to give it a try. Some pet owners find that CBD is the miracle they’ve been looking for.

Some See Success with CBD for Their Pets, and Others Don’t

This is the case with a Wisconsin woman named Amy Carter. Amy has a Yorkshire terrier Chihuahua mix named Bentley that is epileptic. Amy tried treatment according to the veterinarian advice while Bentley still suffered multiple seizures each week.

Against the advice of her veterinarian, Amy decided to give CBD oil a try. The results were amazing as she described them. Bentley went from having several seizures a week to only having six over seven months.

CBD brands for pets suggest that their product may help with all kinds of problems such as hypertension, uncontrollable urinating, behavioral issues, and more. Some people try CBD and notice absolutely no difference, while others like Amy Carter of Wisconsin find precisely what they’ve been looking for. There could be many reasons for this. One disturbing reason is that the CBD product purchased didn’t actually contain or barely contained any CBD at all.

Cornell University veterinarian researcher Joseph Wakshlag told High Times, “You’d be astounded by the analysis we’ve seen of products on the shelf with virtually no CBD in them.” Wakshlag when on to explain that some products only contained as little as 2 mg of CBD per milliliter. An effective concentration of CBD should average between 25 and 75 mg per ml.

This shows the importance of a regulated market for CBD products. While it’s estimated the majority of the industry complies with current regulations, there’s always the fly by night ones looking to make a quick buck. These are the ones that can not only ruin the name of a product that could have been good but also ones that pose potential health risks. Legalization and regulation help to set standards that keep products safe for consumers while allowing them to be confident what they’re purchasing is what they’re getting.

How to Get A Good CBD Brand for Your Dog

The best advice to finding a CBD product for your furry four-legged family member is to do your research. Look for trusted brands and be wary of cheap ones. Read reviews, look at lab reports, and, last but not least, monitor your pet’s behavior when you begin giving them a CBD product.

Keep a journal of their response to CBD and if it helps them or not. If one brand doesn’t work, try a different one.  Remember, all CBD isn’t created equal.

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