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Charlotte’s Web CBD Banned by British Regulators

Bethan Rose

by Bethan Rose

January 18, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Charlotte’s Web CBD Banned by British Regulators

Three different types of cannabidiol (CBD) oils produced by Charlotte’s Web have been banned by British regulators. The British Food Standards Agency (FSA) has also disqualified approximately 100 CBD products for undisclosed reasons.

In 2018, legislation was passed by the British Parliament that effectively legalized cannabinoids like CBD and CBDA. Despite the law’s passing, CBD is still widely unregulated in the United Kingdom. The lack of regulation has raised concerns about consumer safety.

In response to those concerns, the FSA has instructed CBD manufacturers to obtain government approval before selling their products. More than 12,000 applications were submitted to the agency by CBD product manufacturers before officials made the cuts.

Research commissioned by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis pinned a £1 billion valuation on the CBD market by the year 2025. Unfortunately, this prediction may not materialize after all, with the FSA’s decision likely to put a dent in U.K. CBD sales. 

About Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web is a Colorado-based brand that rose to global prominence in 2012 when it was founded by seven siblings known as “The Stanley Brothers.” The brand, which was born after Jordan, Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jared, J Austin, and Josh Stanley tweaked a hemp strain, has evolved into a globally respected name in the industry.

The brothers boast years of experience in hemp cultivation. After hearing the story of a young girl with Dravet syndrome named Charlotte Figi, the Stanley Brothers developed a full-spectrum cannabinoid extract with CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as beneficial plant compounds like terpenes and flavonoids.

Since the unique strain was first produced in 2009, it has been named the best-selling CBD oil in North America. People who want to feel calm and focused, enjoy a good night’s rest, ease inflammation, and reduce stress will benefit from Charlotte’s Web CBD.

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The Touching Story of Charlotte Figi

It’s difficult to listen to Charlotte Figi’s heart-string-pulling story without getting emotional. The 13-year-old girl lost her life in April 2020 after a long battle with Dravet syndrome. This rare type of epilepsy caused her to endure up to 300 grand mal seizures per week from the tender age of five.

After exhausting alternative treatment options, her mother Paige desperately started looking for a way to improve Charlotte’s quality of life. Soon after, the universe led Paige in the direction of the Stanley Brothers, who began experimenting with medical marijuana to create a CBD-rich, THC-free strain. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive element that may cause consumers to feel “high,” sedated, and in some cases, paranoid.

Charlotte’s life may have been short, but the Colorado Springs native’s highly publicized story has transformed the CBD industry in unimaginable ways. Had her mother not shared her daughter’s experience, the Stanley Brothers would never have released Charlotte’s Web CBD. The late young girl’s legacy lives on in the medical cannabis industry, and her story continues to inspire people worldwide.

Understanding the Legal Status of CBD in the U.K.

CBD that contains less than 0.2% THC is legal in the U.K. It’s important to note that CBD is only deemed to be legal if it has been derived from a strain of industrial hemp that is approved under U.K. law. Currently, the psychotropic element THC is a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Based on the details of the act, cannabis is classified as a Class B drug. However, since CBD does not fall into the same category as cannabis, the cannabinoid’s legality is somewhat hazy. Confusion surrounding British CBD laws has thrust the cannabinoid into a legal gray area. Consequently, this has resulted in people wrongfully growing their own cannabis/hemp.

Some of the CBD regulations that have been clarified so far in the U.K. include:

  • CBD sellers must sell the product as a nutritional supplement or gain licensing as a certified medical distributor.
  • CBD producers must obtain a valid license from the U.K. Home Office.
  • CBD cosmetics producers and sellers require Cosmetic Product Safety Report.
  • CBD buds and flowers are illegal even if they contain less than 0.2% THC.
  • CBD vape products must be developed in accordance with non-nicotine e liquid regulations.
  • CBD products must be labeled in accordance with Food Supplement Regulations 2003.

Since February 2020, a Novel Food Application has been required for the producers and sellers of CBD food and drink products. If an edible or drinkable product contains the cannabinoid, it is considered a novel food, meaning that it necessitates pre-market authorization. Examples of products that fall into this category include oils, sprays, capsules, gummies, sweets, mints, snacks, and any kind of CBD-infused drink.

Regardless of the existing laws, the CBD landscape is constantly changing, and therefore it’s important to stay up to date with the rules and regulations. Visit the FSA website for more information.

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