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Check Out These Restorative THC Detox Methods

August 12, 2021 03:00 pm ET
Check Out These Restorative THC Detox Methods

Cannabis consumers may wonder why one would want to do a cannabis or THC detox but knowing how to detox can be good for restoring your tolerance and for getting traces of THC out of your system. Whatever your reason for consuming cannabis, doing so every day may lead to tolerance build-ups and continuous risk of testing positive in the workplace mandatory drug tests. So, there may come a time in a cannabis consumer’s life when they would be interested in a THC detox. Let’s explore. 

When you consume cannabis, the effects can most likely be felt relatively quickly depending on the delivery method. But it does not matter how much or how you consumed the cannabis, there will still be remnants of the substance in your body long after the effects have gone away. Healthline explains that these remnants are the very same cannabinoids we want to consume from cannabis. 

There are a variety of reasons that one may want to cheat a drug test or do a THC detox such as keeping jobs or avoiding jail time. Healthline also explains that,

“Compared to other drugs, marijuana has the longest detection time, up to months, because the detectable chemicals stay in the body’s fat cells”. 

Let’s Explore Some THC Detox Methods

There are several methods that one can use to cleanse your body of cannabis which The Island Now sets out a number of different THC detox options. Before we jump into these remedies, those who find that they are having trouble with detoxing should consider supporting the process with additional habits like drinking lots of water, having hot baths, maintaining a healthy diet, reducing caffeine consumption, and exercising regularly. 

  • Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are a good option if one does not have up to 10 days to cleanse the body. This method is used to flush out as many toxins as possible while “restoring lost vitamins and minerals for optimal health. When the detox drink option is selected, consumers should be sure to follow the instructions carefully but should know that these products are generally more expensive than other options and require large amounts of water. Mega Clean was presented by The Island Now as “one of the best THC detox drinks on the market”. 

  • Detox Pills

While detox drinks flush out your system, the detox pills speed up your metabolism so that you can get rid of the toxins and compounds faster. This method is good when you know you have the days to cleanse your body before the test. These detox kits are usually made of vitamins, herbs, and minerals with no artificial materials- but this may depend on the products themselves. While this solution works for light, moderate, and heavy cannabis consumers, there is the potential for side effects such as diarrhea.

  • A Mixture of Lemon Juice, Mint, Ginger, and Water

This detox method is a DIY mixture made up of 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 500ml of water, some mint, and grated ginger.  The ingredients in this drink are high in antioxidants due to the high quantity of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. This drink should have been drunk around 7-8 times before the day of the drug test. Not only is this a good detoxifying drink but it is also good for boosting your immune system. 

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  • Cranberry Juice

This delicious detox promotes regular urination, which then promotes your body’s own detox process. Cranberry juice is high in nutrients and can improve one’s overall health. It is recommended that one fill a medium-sized glass with ice, add cranberry juice, a little apple cider vinegar as well as some water if you wish. However, this method on its own offers no guarantees and should probably be paired with detox drinks or pills. 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a variety of common uses from salad dressings to cleaning agents but this liquid is also antibacterial. Drinking one to two tablespoons in about 8 ounces or a glass of water. This liquid tastes quite acidic, so adding a sweetener like honey can make it easier to consume. 

  • Detoxifying Shampoo

Hair shampoo is the best option for drug tests that involve testing your hair follicles. This is quite a challenging test to pass if you are a cannabis consumer as the hair can maintain traces of substances for up to three months. Washing your hair prior to a follicle test can remove the toxins from the hair, but you have to be careful of the product you choose. You would want to specifically seek out detox shampoos, not the standard products for everyday use. 

  • Mouthwash

While hair shampoo works well with a hair follicle test, mouthwash is better suited for an oral swab test. An oral swab test is probably the easiest to pass. According to Labcorp, factors such as food, mouthwash, and over-the-counter medication can impact the results of a drug test. But there are many different detoxifying mouthwash products on the market specifically geared to help boost chances of passing an oral swab drug test. 

  • Natural Cleanse

If you have the time, you may want to consider allowing your body to naturally cleanse itself of the compounds. This can be monitored with at-home drug tests but it can take more than 30 days for your body to completely rid itself of the traces of THC especially if you are a heavy consumer of potent products. 

Detoxing is often associated with withdrawal as a result of addiction, but the truth is that no one has the right to associate your cannabis detox based on a stigma. This is why we hope that all cannabis consumers are able to make use of these methods as per their needs whatever they may be. In order to ensure the detox is successful, one may consider combining multiple efforts but remain attentive to your body and be sure to take in enough water and healthy foods to assist your process. 

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