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Seth Rogen’s Cannabis Company Houseplant Makes its US Debut

March 17, 2021 03:30 pm ET
Seth Rogen’s Cannabis Company Houseplant Makes its US Debut

Actor Seth Rogen is known for his cannabis-themed movies. In 2008’s Pineapple Express, Rogen’s character goes on the run with his dealer. In 2015’s Christmas classic The Night Before, Rogen and two friends celebrate the holidays with a night of depravity, including a generous dose of cannabis. And in 2011’s 50/50, Rogen plays best friend to a young man struggling with cancer and medicating with cannabis. But the silver screen isn’t the only place Rogen has explored the benefits of cannabis. Several years ago, the actor started his own cannabis company in his home country of Canada. And now, he’s ready to make a big move, opening a US branch of Houseplant in California this March.

What is Houseplant?

“If you know anything about me at all, I’m going to assume it’s that I really love weed,” Rogen tweeted in a video to his followers on March 1 of 2021.

Michael Mohr, venture investor and acting CEO of the Houseplant company, seconds that assessment. “Our founders have a long history enjoying cannabis and believe it should be treated with the reverence it deserves,” Mohr has stated. “Through their film work, and the pride with which they speak about cannabis publicly, Seth and (screenwriter-director and company co-founder) Evan Goldberg have shown the world that not only does the potential exist to have a healthy relationship with cannabis, it is also very normal, and can have an amazingly positive impact on one’s life.”

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The goal of the company is to transform cannabis use from a clandestine and stigmatized practice that takes place mostly behind closed doors and in dark corners to an accepted and respected part of life. The brand does this by using quality design and craftsmanship in its products, making cannabis use an integral part of a deliberately designed and well-functioning home.

For example, there’s a block table lighter whose lid doubles as an ashtray, which also makes an attractive design piece—much more stylish than the 99 cent Bic you might pick up at your local gas station or head shop. There’s a set of vinyl records with music specifically chosen to enhance the experience of a high. There are earthenware ashtrays with matching vases that will make a home look polished and tied together. In other words, Seth Rogen is offering products for the mature, adult smoker—the smoker for whom cannabis has become integrated into their lifestyle.

Rogen Recognizes the Need For Change

Of course, it’s exciting to have this new company coming to California. But as with any other area that is expanding to offer new opportunities to those in the cannabis industry, there are concerns.

California has legalized recreational cannabis, making it an ideal state for Rogen’s business. But we can’t forget that underprivileged communities—those in poverty, and communities of color—have been disproportionately victimized by the War on Drugs over the years. To many states, it’s been very important to make sure that as the legal cannabis industry starts to grow, opportunities are made available to people of color, and to other underprivileged groups. Seth Rogen, a wealthy Canadian movie star, definitely doesn’t fall into that category. But Rogen and those he is working with seem to be aware of this issue. “(We) recognize that our lifelong dream of starting a cannabis lifestyle brand like Houseplant comes with a commitment to changing the unjust and racist cannabis laws that still exist in today’s society,” Rogen has said. He has announced a mentorship program, to be called InHouse, for under-served entrepreneurs, and has publicly voiced his support for drug policy reform and the organizations that work to accomplish it.

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