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Veriheal x OpTic: Trailblazing Partnership Highlights Cannabis in Gaming

Emily Mullins

by Emily Mullins

March 7, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 7 Minutes
Fact checked by Kymberly Drapcho
Veriheal x OpTic: Trailblazing Partnership Highlights Cannabis in Gaming

Gaming and esports are more popular than ever before, thanks to the rise of the internet and platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Whether it’s on a computer, PlayStation, Xbox, or another console, you’ve probably played at least one video game in your life. 

Over recent years, competitive gaming has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with championships, competitions, and more being held around the globe on a regular basis. Gaming is well on its way to becoming recognized as a professional sport, and cash prizes can range into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. As such, the ad revenue from game streams and competitions has sparked increasing interest from investors and sponsors from various fields, including — notably — the cannabis industry.

Cannabis and gaming have a lot in common, even if it’s not immediately evident to people who don’t interact with either industry. Both markets are growing and innovating at an explosive pace, and both of these hobbies (or, in some cases, jobs) come with a fair amount of stigma. Both gamers and cannabis users are often seen as lazy, unmotivated, slackers, or even dangerous. People unfamiliar with the industries often view video games as violent and cannabis as a harmful, addictive drug–and neither could be further from the truth. 

Despite these stigmas. cannabis and gaming often go hand-in-hand with helping people relax, decompress, and escape the stressors of daily life.

Although cannabis use during esports competitions is still largely prohibited due to anti-doping policies, the tide is starting to turn. Gamers have been using cannabis behind the scenes for as long as video games have existed, and it’s past time for marijuana use to become more accepted within the professional e-ports community.

That’s why Veriheal is partnering with OpTic Gaming as one of the first cannabis partnerships in esports. Together, we’re on a trailblazing quest to help gamers find the relief they deserve.

Veriheal and OpTic Gaming: Trailblazing Partnership Highlights Cannabis in Gaming

Although companies ranging from beauty brands to tech startups have all sponsored gaming competitions, there haven’t been any major cannabis sponsorships—until now. Veriheal has officially partnered with OpTic Gaming, a major content creation team with more than 7.9 million followers on Twitch, to help gamers around the country access medical marijuana cards and benefit from cannabis.

Gaming streamers have an advantage when it comes to reaching audiences. Not only is it fun to watch skilled people play, but many gamers interact with their fans in real-time. This intimacy makes it an ideal market for sponsors and advertisers, who can interact directly with audiences and potential customers tuning in to watch a broadcast.

By partnering with cannabis brands, gamers can help spread the message about the benefits of cannabis and reduce the associated stigma. 

Gaming can help people build skills like problem-solving, sociability, and decision-making. It also aids mental health, cognitive function, memory, and fine motor skills. Meanwhile, cannabis has numerous benefits, including reduced anxiety or depression, better sleep function, lowered blood pressure, and decreased inflammation. It can help with everything from chronic pain to epilepsy to cancer.

Why You Should Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Veriheal has satisfied millions of patients nationwide by giving them access to these benefits

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  • Peace of mind
  • Enhanced legal protection
  • Access to higher potency strains
  • Save up to 25% on cannabis purchases
  • Skip the line at the dispensary

Marcus “MBoZe” Blanks Jr. is a retired Call of Duty esports player and a current content creator for OpTic Gaming. He uses cannabis in his everyday routines, from helping him stay focused to soothing his mind after hours of screentime. 

“Cannabis enhances my gameplay by keeping me more relaxed in tough situations. It calms and relaxes me and keeps me level-headed in the game,” MBoZe shared with Veriheal. “As far as recovery, it helps me get a good night’s rest and takes my mind off of gaming for the night.”

As someone who has been in the game for over a decade, MBoZe has seen firsthand how the stigma against using cannabis, together with gaming, has changed. He’s noticed a trend toward acceptance, which has ignited passionate support and a stronger connection with his viewers. 

“The attitude towards cannabis while streaming has definitely changed. A lot more people are open about it, which I think is a good thing. A lot more people accept it and don’t see it as a negative,” MBoZe explained.  “It actually helped me communicate it with my supporters.”

By bringing his full authentic self to his games—without censoring his appreciation for medical cannabis—MBoZe is helping to bust the stigma against both gaming and cannabis. So far, this genuine appreciation for how cannabis can elevate his game has been met with nothing but an open-minded and supportive reception from his viewers. In fact, MBoZe often openly communicates with his online community about his cannabis use. 

“I’m pretty open about it,” said MBoZe. “My viewers and I always communicate about it jokingly and seriously. As far as my community, they support me to the fullest.” 

Both Veriheal and OpTic Gaming are living proof that following your passion can lead to big rewards, whether it’s by building a massive gaming conglomerate or by helping people access pain relief and happiness through cannabis.

How Can Cannabis Use Benefit Gamers?

As much fun as gaming is, it can take a toll on the body during marathon sessions. Joint and muscle pains from sitting, eye strain, headaches, and more are all common ailments experienced by gamers, especially professionals who play for hours at a time.

Fortunately, cannabis can help with a number of these problems. Some issues experienced by gamers that cannabis use can directly benefit include:

  • Migraines: Staring at bright screens can create tension headaches, which nobody wants when trying to beat that next level or personal best score. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis can reduce this tension and ease pain so you can focus longer.
  • Eye strain: Another side effect of chronic screen usage is eye strain, which is when the eye muscles become tired from both blue light and intense focus. Cannabis helps to relax those muscles and reduce tiredness.
  • Fatigue: Anyone who spends hours in front of a screen can attest to how draining it can be, particularly during an intense, high-stakes competition. Sativa strains help the brain focus so you can stay energized and locked in during a session.
  • Stress: Competition is inherently stressful, especially when high cash prizes and sponsorships are at stake. Cannabis has been shown to immediately reduce stress to help people stay relaxed and free from tension during intense gameplay.
  • Insomnia: At some point, it becomes crucial to take a break from your game and get some sleep. If thinking about your next play is keeping you up, Indica cannabis strains can help you ease into sleep so you can get back to your game well-rested.
  • Aches and pains: Hand cramps, stiff necks, backaches, and weary muscles are common afflictions among gamers. Cannabis can soothe all of these issues at once to help you play at your best for longer.

Whatever your gaming-related ailment is, cannabis could help. To learn more about the potential benefits of cannabis with gaming, set up an appointment with one of our doctors today. Additionally, be sure to check out OpTic Gaming to support gaming outreach everywhere and see how the true pros take their skills to the next level.

Note: The content on this page is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be professional medical advice. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe treatment based on the information provided. Always consult a physician before making any decision on the treatment of a medical condition.

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