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Why Listening to and Making Music is Better With Cannabis

Chane Leigh

by Chane Leigh

July 7, 2020 11:09 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Why Listening to and Making Music is Better With Cannabis

Many musicians have testified that cannabis enhanced their appreciation for music as well as proving itself useful and valuable in the creative progress when making music (the same can be said for artists and their art). Looking throughout history, it’s clear that music and cannabis have always been paired together. Some musicians even felt so passionate about the plant that they wrote songs about it. 

Musicians and their fans all boast about perceiving music in a manner that is emotionally pleasant or cognitively interesting. Either way, cannabis consumption leads to the enhanced enjoyment of the music, stimulating creativity as well as bringing on a whole new meaning to the lyrics and sound.  Some musicians even claim that “people stoned on pot tend to hear the music from note to note”.

In order to best understand the role between cannabis and music, we have to look at the past first. 

Cannabis as a Symbol of Freedom and Resistance

Back in the day, cannabis was believed to be a symbol of freedom and resistance. Keep in mind that the cannabis industry didn’t have such diverse means for consumption, not to mention the difference in bud quality from the modern, high-potency, dense buds. It wasn’t uncommon for musicians, particularly jazz players, to get arrested for smoking cannabis in the form of a joint. 

During the 1930’s, jazz music was unjustly labeled as ‘satanic’ siting that it stemmed from cannabis use amongst Black performers. Authorities during this same time thought it appropriate to make racist and exaggerated claims about cannabis in order to fuel the flames of xenophobia. 

In the 1960s cannabis became part of the culture for those with the desire for freedom from the limitations of society. Bob Dylan’s “Everybody Must Get Stoned” and Allen Ginsberg’s “Pot is Fun” inspired many to embrace cannabis which eventually led to making it nearly impossible to find a music community that frowned upon cannabis. 

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Consuming cannabis with music originates from the inherently peaceful and philosophical genes of the jazz and folk genre. Although, it has been counterintuitively been consumed with rock and heavy metal music at later stages. 

Cannabis in the Music Community Today

Cannabis as a symbol of freedom and resistance is still largely accepted and used. However, the music industry is in a controversial place regarding cannabis along with other drugs. Many musicians are trying to break the stigma of musicians and drugs by speaking up against addition while more and more musicians are advocating for cannabis. Despite the controversy, it is clear that music and marijuana will continue paired indefinitely. 

Back then and now, many of the most influential cannabis advocates were the musicians. They advocated for the normalization of cannabis and played a significant role in reversing the ‘satanic’ labeling and racist use of the term ‘marijuana’. However, the unfortunate truth is that a few individuals still seem to attach the outdated view of cannabis to POC, making yet another reason for why cannabis education is so important for all of society. 

What Does Science Have to Say About Producing Better Music Through Cannabis?

Basically, the link between music and marijuana is largely due to the cannabinoid compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). That cannabinoid is one of the most commonly found and active compounds in the cannabis plant. The THC stimulates an increase in dopamine levels, in turn lowering inhibitions (the feeling of being self-conscious or of being unable to relax). By consuming cannabis, the musician or listener will be able to relax and allow for thoughts, ideas, and emotions to flow more freely. 

There have been a couple of other theories and tests, thought to add to the above fact, on the connection between cannabis and music, however, they were rather contradictory. 

Many cannabis consumers already know what makes music and cannabis together so special and if you do not, try it for yourself. If you have any memorable moments with cannabis and music, make sure to let us know in the comment section below! 

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