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Hearing Loss and Medical Cannabis

There are four types of hearing loss: conductive sensorineural, mixed, and auditory, with each affecting either the outer, middle, or inner ear. Additionally, the degree of hearing loss is also considered in diagnosing the condition, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Whether the type or part of the ear that suffers hearing loss, the condition can significantly impact the quality of life for those who suffer from it. The U.S. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders reports bleak statistics that one out of eight Americans ages 12 and older has hearing loss in both ears, which equals 13% of the population.  While there are several treatments for the various types and degrees of hearing loss, one method proving to help is medical cannabis, reports Healthy Hearing. Patients with hearing condition tinnitus, which causes a constant ringing in hear, reportedly found relief using cannabidiol, aka, CBD.

Tinnitus patients often have extreme levels of mental distress from the buzzing in their ears, according to sufferer Glenn Schweitzer, a Healthy Hearing contributor. Easing that stress was crucial to his treating his hearing condition, he suffered from most of his life, and he found relief in CBD. 

“I just swallowed the oil, 30 minutes later, my anxiety disappeared entirely,” Schweitzer said. “It blew my mind.” Schweitzer’s testimony and further research on medical cannabis can alleviate hearing loss symptoms in more ways than one. 

Hearing Loss Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

The Hearing Loss Association of America reports dozens of different causes of hearing loss based on the type and degree. Some of the reasons include malformation of the hear, benign tumors, allergies, aging, head trauma, autoimmune inner ear disease, and overexposure to loud noise. There is also mixed hearing loss, a combination of certain types. The main form of treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids; however, other cures are considered including implants.

Cannabinoid Treatment for Hearing Loss

One cause of hearing loss is an autoimmune inner ear disease, with medical cannabis already proving to assist in alleviating autoimmune conditions. Additionally, hearing loss is one of the main reasons for cognitive decline and depression in the elderly, reports Health Hearing, noting “in fact, for people entering their retirement years, untreated hearing loss has been linked to several physical and psychological issues.”

Depression onset has been successfully lessened with medical cannabis, with studies out of periodical The Journal of Affective Disorders showing “significantly” slashed despair in patients who used it. Along with reducing depression, the study highlights show “low THC/high CBD cannabis was best for reducing perceived symptoms of depression,” and “high THC/high CBD was best for reducing perceived symptoms of stress.” 

Medical cannabis is not a cure to hearing loss, but it is evident that THC and alleviate dozens of uncomfortable symptoms caused by a plethora of disorders.

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