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Using cannabis and CBD for Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a sound perception where no external noise occurs. It’s a very common and often weakening issue. Although there are several steps you can take to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus, the disease never fully heals. Many patients with tinnitus rely on cannabidiol, also known as CBD, in the search for relief. CBD has made a major impact for a wide variety of conditions, including headaches and depression, in the wellness industry. Medical marijuana can help certain basic conditions that cause tinnitus and soothe both the audio symptoms and the conditions it causes. In some cases, the signs of tinnitus cease when the underlying disorder is treated, but some calls occur more often even after treatment.

While no active treatment is currently available for tinnitus, anti-epileptic drugs are used as a potential therapeutic alternative in some cases. Cannabinoids were shown to be effective for epilepsy, and it could be assisted by medical practitioners. But this has yet to be confirmed.

In August 2019 the topic was addressed by an article published by The Hearing Journal. A California medically and forensically, researcher Dr. Dennis Colucci compiles and analyzes existing research in medical cannabis in the treatment of hearing loss. 

Another article cites a 2016 report by researchers trying to find out whether or not cannabinoid treatment is effective in people’s hearing problems. Research has investigated whether the activation of cannabinoid receptors in the cochlear nucleus where tinnitus occurs can create pro- or anti-epileptic action to determine whether cannabis can better or worsen tinnitus. The only proven evidence for cannabis and tinnitus appears to be a 2015 study of rats. This study examined whether tinnitus relief could be given to THC and CBD provided to rats. The findings suggest that the incidence of tinnitus in noise-exposed rats can actually increase with cannabinoids, especially if hearing harm occurs previously. 

Dr. Colucci points out that a considerable amount of work remains to be done to evaluate the effects, effectiveness, and safety of cannabis as a potential treatment for tinnitus. Additional research on cannabis benefits is necessary, especially in the treatment of tinnitus and comorbid sleep deprivation of hyperacusis.

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