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Top 4/20 Celebrations Across the United States

Levi Roberts

by Levi Roberts

April 10, 2024 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Top 4/20 Celebrations Across the United States

If you’ve never been to a 4/20 festival or celebration, then you’re missing out!

While Google won’t give you a straightforward answer as to why the number 4/20 is associated with cannabis–and unfortunately, it may just be cannabis lore lost to history–it’s the favorite number of millions across the world due to its weed-related connotation.

Lucky for us, the number also gives us an annual holiday–April 20th.

Check out these top 4/20 festivals across the country if you want to spend the iconic holiday celebrating your favorite substance!

Mile High 420 Festival in Denver, CO

The Mile High 420 Festival is a celebration of Colorado being the first state to legalize cannabis. Cannabis activists from all over the world congregate here to celebrate, fight weed stigma, and honor the past and future of cannabis.

This chill 4/20 festival has a killer lineup, including:

  • Gucci Mane
  • Ohgeesy
  • Afroman
  • Big Boss Vette
  • Murs
  • Tommy Genesis
  • Dro Kenji
  • Lexy Panterra
  • Fedd the God

You can get free tickets or, for an elevated experience, snag one of their few VIP tickets online.

National Cannabis Festival in Washington, DC

The National Cannabis Festival was dreamt up in 2015 when a group of cannabis enthusiasts banded together to organize a celebration of the progressing cannabis laws in DC and throughout the country. They wanted to highlight both cannabis culture and the nonprofits paving the way for all of the incredible work being done.

This festival includes both amazing music and a Policy Summit featuring “the voices of activists and advocacy partners, cannabis experts, community leaders, lawmakers, and veterans’ groups.”

Headliners this year include Wu-Tang Clan with Redman and Thundercat.

Experiences include:

  • The concert
  • VIP memberships
  • Exhibitor fair
  • Munchies zone
  • Grower’s world
  • Education and more
  • Contests
  • 420 week
  • Summit

If that doesn’t sound like the perfect 4/20 celebration, then we don’t know what does!

420 Block Party in Missoula, MT

420 Block Party is well-known for being the “best and biggest 4/20 party in the northwest.” It’s the place to be!

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This free event is a fundraiser for the Patient Fund and an awesome concert (lineup to be announced!).

420 Block Party also lines up with the annual Dispensary Tour of Missoula, so you’ll get to check out the town’s best dispensaries while you’re at it.

Come to raise funds, stay for the “vendors, delicious food crafts, captivating live art displays, and exquisite glass creations!”

Amarillo’s Annual 420 Fest 2024 in TX

420 Fest is an all-ages event with everything from music to tattoos, vendors to art installations, and more. 

All proceeds from 420 Fest “will support local artists, DJs, & two local organizations –Frames of Love & Rainbow Riot Productions.”

High Noon will be there tattooing, as featured on Miami Ink and Tattoo Nightmares. This is a great opportunity to get tattooed by someone with a lot of esteem in the industry, and what better day to get a tattoo than 4/20?

The musical lineup includes:

  • Graypoint
  • Big-A
  • Jolee Sierra
  • KyE
  • Trench Rat
  • Corrosive Wrath
  • Jeremiah Hernandez & Jimmy Ramirez
  • Isaiah Valdez
  • Akasia Florez
  • Bring Me The Gypsee

If you live in the South, this is the festival for you!

Tha People’s W33D Festival in Manhattan, NY

In the words of Tha People’s W33d Festival:

“We are centering healing and joy in our post-prohibition world. Share space with our community to celebrate the present, and the beautiful journey ahead of us — join us as we embrace the power of the people, unity, and love.”

This incredible party will have $1 prerolls all day long, a meditation, flash tattoos, henna, a photo booth, spoken word, teach-ins, and anything else you might desire!

Tha People’s W33d Festival also features BIPOC-owned cannabis brands from all across NYC. 

Final Thoughts

April 20th is about a lot more than just partying. It’s a day to celebrate the successes of cannabis advocacy across the country and give back to the community, come together with a common cause, look back on where we’ve been, and dream of where we can one day be.

Remember, cannabis prohibition isn’t over for everybody. Let’s fight for our community with as much enthusiasm as we have for our favorite plant!

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