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7 Ways You Can Utilize Leftover Cannabis Trimmings

January 3, 2020 10:26 am ET
7 Ways You Can Utilize Leftover Cannabis Trimmings

The cannabis plant has many functions aside from growing flowers that we consume for its’ effects. Over the many years that cannabis has been around, it has been used for clothing, building material, and even cosmetics. The cannabis industry places great value on the flowering buds of the plant since that is where THC content is concentrated. But what can we do with the rest of the plant? The leftover cannabis trimmings are just as useful.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you can make with the leftover parts of your plant once you have cut off your flowers (the buds). Using cannabis for its fiber to make clothing is awesome, but most individuals cannot simply do so at home. The following options are specifically for individuals looking to do something easy with the leftovers at home. 

Homemade Cannabis Topical Cream

After you have cut off your buds, you can take the leaves and turn them into a cream. Simply grind up the leaves as finely as you can and then infuse it into a fat base such as coconut oil or avocado oil. You can then mix some of that into a cream you already use or you can apply it as is. You can also infuse the leaves with beeswax and vitamin e oil which will make good contributions to your tropical cream.

Herbal Cooking Spices

Cannabis leaves still have plenty of nutrition. The leaves as a ground-up herb complements pizza, pasta, and salads. Take your leaves, grind them up and add them into your dinner dishes… you’ll be surprised at how well this herb livens up the taste of your dinner, especially if it’s a pizza, pasta, or salad. 

Homemade Rolling Papers

Let your leaves dry straight and then you can use them to roll your joints. This may take some practice, but the smooth burn makes up for it. Some might even recommend that you cure the leaf rolled joint like a cigar for an extra special smoke. 

Garden Compost

Create a compost heap in your garden or in a compost bin with your cannabis trimmings. You can also add vegetable wasted, eggshells, flowers that have fallen off or have been cut off, coffee grounds and paper filters, old newspapers, tea, tea bags as well toothpick and matches. 


Cannabis-infused milk, canna-milk, is perfect for teas, coffees and even your breakfast cereal. It adds a boost to your regular milk and is super easy to make. Take your milk of choice, bring it to a simmer and then mix in your trimmings (the extra parts of the plant that you aren’t using for consumption). You will have to stir it for 30-45 minutes and you can add extra milk if you need it. Once the time is up and the milk has turned a yellowish color, you can strain it, store it in a sealed container and then keep it in the fridge. 

Cooking Oil

Take your leftover cannabis trimmings and infuse it with olive oil, canola oil or any other cooking oil. You infuse the two on a low heat for up to 3 hours on the stove. Strain it, cool it and pour it into a jar or back into the container that the cooking oil came from. 

Green Dragon: Cannabis-Infused Vodka

This one takes at least 30 days to make, but if vodka is your thing, then this is one to try. Take all your cannabis leftovers and put them in a jar that has a lid. Fill up the jar with vodka. The more leftovers you have in the jar, the stronger it will be. Store the jar in a dark space, like a pantry, and shake the jar daily. This infused vodka should be used to drink or mixer instead of a tincture because the cannabinoids won’t be as potent.

The above ensures that you make the most out of your cannabis plant instead of simply throwing it away. Do note that cannabinoids are still present throughout the plant but at lower concentrations than the buds. While some of these options have the potential to produce intoxicating effects, it likely won’t be extreme. One of the greatest things about cannabis is that you can use every part of the plant. These options may take a little extra effort, but you’ll get nothing but benefits when you can eliminate waste and use the leftover trimmings from cannabis to your advantage. 

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Nicole L Font says:

February 20, 2020 at 8:19 pm

Thank you for educating individuals on the many benefits that our friend maryjane can provide. 48yr. old enthusiast from nw pennsylvania

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