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A Story of Cannabis Healing and Compassion – Mike Robinson and Genevieve

September 1, 2021 08:00 am ET
A Story of Cannabis Healing and Compassion – Mike Robinson and Genevieve

The story of Mike Robinson is not one of just his own path to healing with cannabis, but a story of love and caring for others, such as an extraordinary young woman by the name of Genevieve. Mike Robinson, founder of the Global Cannabinoid Research Center and former Director of Consumer Affairs and Communications at The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, wasn’t always a cannabis activist, caregiver, and educator. Years ago, Mike was a racecar driver, and though it was a career that he loved and embraced, it is nothing like his path today.

The Gift of Life is One That Keeps Giving

Mike has an extensive history of successfully utilizing cannabinoid therapies for various ailments, including multiple cancers, Chronic Lyme Disease, severe epilepsy, PTSD, addiction, chronic pain, and more. He has documented this journey and shared it with the world throughout the years to help others in their journeys with cannabinoid therapies.

Cannabis has undoubtedly allowed Mike to live a higher quality of life, and this is a gift that he is passionate about giving to others. Patients fuel Mike’s fire, and that can be seen clearly in his advocacy. Throughout the years, he has represented several disabled children pro-bono as a non-attorney Civil Rights lobbyist. He’s a past board member of Big Brothers and Sisters and has founded multiple nonprofits for disabled children.

Mike Robinson: A Compassionate Educator and Medicine Maker

Robinson is also the founder of Mike’s Medicine, a cannabis-centric blog, and has several articles published in medical journals. Education regarding cannabinoid therapies is key to not only removing stigma and increasing access but essential for saving lives. Mike consistently educates on not just the benefits of THC and CBD but of the various cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant compounds from cannabis that work in their own unique yet synergistic ways. Not only does Mike educate regarding cannabinoid therapies, but he has also formulated many of his own, the majority of which have been mass-produced by himself and gifted to families in need through compassionate programs founded by himself, such as the American Cannabis Compassion Alliance.

This program helped families throughout California gain access to the cannabis medication (typically cannabinoid-based oils formulated by Mike himself) needed for patients with various disease processes, many of them adolescents. As the in-person provider for the program, Robinson often traveled across the state, typically via train, to meet with patients in person. As a patient with severe epilepsy himself, Mike was unable to drive himself.

Meeting Genevieve

One fateful night as he was trying to rest on a train en route to meet with a patient, he received a frantic call that would forever change his life. Robinson was used to receiving calls from desperate parents with children seizing hundreds of times a day, having fits of rage, and fighting for their lives, but this call was something much more. This was the start of a new chapter for Mike and a mother, who had nearly lost hope, by the name of Anne Mari.

After doctors turned her mother away on several occasions because they believed that she had nothing to worry about, her daughter Genevieve had her first diagnosed Grand mal seizure at the tender age of 2. Then the doctor’s changed their tune and acknowledged that there was something to be concerned about but that the brain damage done by the seizures up to this point could not be reversed.

Over the years, Genevieve was treated with various pharmaceuticals for not only epilepsy but also for severe autism and OCD, which came with a plethora of side effects such as excessive “digging” into her skin, fits of rage, and more. The day that Anne Mari reached out to Mike, she had been gifted a gram of CBD by a friend but was uncertain on how she should administer it to Genevieve. This is when she found Mike through a Facebook search of “CBD and Epilepsy” and reached out for guidance.

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Mike Robinson Introduces Genevieve to Cannabis Therapy 

In an interview with High Times, Mike recalled that he “was very concerned because the medication she was taking directly contradicted with CBD and could actually cause more seizures…They were psychotropic medications that an autistic child doesn’t need to be on.” The next day, Mike arrived at Anne Mari and Genevieve’s home, where he was immediately able to help. The CBD they were gifted was much more potent than what should be administered to a child orally, so instead, Mike advised that he had “THC rescue oil,” which he could provide to Genevieve, who was experiencing multiple seizures back to back at this time and Anne Mari approved.

The seizures stopped, and Genevieve was back on her feet almost instantly. Not only did the seizures stop, but Genevieve walked to her room and returned humming with an iPad in hand. This entire moment was encapsulated by signs of improvement never before seen. You see, like many other children who have been diagnosed with epilepsy, autism, and other conditions, Genevieve had also been prescribed a molotov cocktail of pharmaceuticals that made it nearly impossible for her to function. But after one dose of Mike’s oil, Genevieve was walking and humming her happy hum, something she had not done in ages, according to her family.

Better Together – Genevieve’s Dream and a Cannabis Love Story

As the days and weeks went on, Mike stayed in touch, aiding Genevieve, and through this time, something beautiful happened. The compassion turned into a true love story, and today Mike, Anne Mari, and Genevieve are a family and fighting together to share the glory that is cannabinoid medicine. Genevieve is thriving thanks to cannabinoid therapies and truly living a life that was only dreamed of in her younger days. She is a true testament to the healing value of cannabinoids and, in recent years, has become the face of CBG for epilepsy and autism after showing substantial improvement in symptoms with Cannabigerol therapies.

“We’ve gone on far too long in the world of cannabis thinking there’s only 2 major cannabinoids. CBGa – the major mother as I call it – creates all the majors, which must include CBG…it’s playing the leading role. Both CBD and THC wouldn’t exist without CBGa, so calling it a minor cannabinoid in my book is pretty nonsensical; we’ve grown in the world of cannabis science to know better.” – Mike Robinson

Help Make Even Bigger Dreams Come True

Just last year, during the pandemic, Robinson along with a few donors hosted what may be the largest compassionate care giveaway of cannabinoid medicine ever, donating more than 10 million milligrams of cannabis oils to those in need. Additionally, Mike is focusing his efforts on a new endeavor known as Genevieve’s Dream.

“I’ve personally got to the point of only using THC in the evening – minor cannabinoids as well as the mother/major CBGa keep me fueled all day long without the effects of THC that make me lag. It’s amazing how plant medicine gives us opportunities to experiment with doses and various constituents of cannabis/hemp. We have the ability to custom create our own medicine so unlike what we’ve grown accustomed to doing with pharmaceuticals. You can contact us on either website GenevievesDream.com or CarouselChallenge.com if you’re interested in our mission – we’re assembling a team to make Genevieve’s Dream come true” – Mike Robinson

Genevieve has a huge spot in her heart for horses and carousels. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s been riding the same horses on her favorite carousel; however, that carousel ride is now gone. The carousel challenge was originally initiated to help fund a replacement. But according to the challenge’s website, the plan has been changed. The new plan is to now “challenge people, parents, celebrities, philanthropists, and just about anyone to come take a ride with Genevieve and learn about Hemp and CBG. Building an educational center on-site as well as opening the doors to other nonprofits to use the carousel will give even more exposure to powerful alternative plant medicine and its ability to better our environment.”

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