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What is Sinsemilla and Important Tips to Consider For Growing it

October 4, 2019 06:51 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
What is Sinsemilla and Important Tips to Consider For Growing it

While most plants have flowers with both male and female parts, cannabis plants are either male or female. With cannabis, some plants produced only seeds and others only produced pollen. Females produce bigger flowers which we use for consumption. Female plants are the seed producers while male plants produce the pollen. The females need the males in-order to create their seeds. If a female doesn’t get exposed to a male, she would not be able to produce any seeds. Without this sex exchange, the female will just keep creating more and more resin. Thus the birth of Sinsemilla.

What Is Sinsemilla

Sinsemilla is a Spanish word basically translating to “without seed”. Sinsemilla is a type of cannabis that is left unfertilized in order to produce only the flowers, otherwise known as the buds. This is a highly concentrated type of cannabis that has shown to contain almost double the THC content than other cannabis plants. When a female and a male plant are permitted to interact, it results in the male plant fertilizing the female plant. This fertilization means that the female’s energy gets directed towards developing and growing the seeds, more than the development of the buds and resin. 

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Sinsemilla also grows easier due to its energy being directed towards the buds, this makes them highly regarded and desired amongst all types of growers. For cannabis consumers after THC, this cannabis sounds like heaven with no seeds and higher quantity and quality. However, this cannabis is challenging to access as it cannot be reproduced without being fertilized. Sinsemilla goes through a very careful selection process and culling process in order to assure its succession.  

Some Tips on How to Grow Sinsemilla.

  1. The seed: The seed you choose to plant is important. There are ways to tell which plants are supposedly female and which are male, but it’s not always reliable. It is therefore recommended that you purchase a feminized seed.
  2. The setup: You need to have basic gardening tools, quality fertilizer, soil and preferably a pot. I would also recommend an organic pesticide to avoid any unwanted life feeding off the plant. 
  3. Quantity: Unless you are experienced in growing or have a controlled growing environment, it is recommended that you limit the amount you are growing to reduce the chances of a male fertilizing the females. Male plants are sneaky and need only to be looked over one day before it’s too late. 
  4. Germination: This is the stage in which you awaken the seed by water. This stage is vital to ensure its chances of survival in soil. This process is to keep the seed away from the air while keeping it moist. The hard shell of the seed will begin to loosen, and sprouts will spring. You can do this by putting the seed in between two paper towels. 
  5. Planting: This stage is the same as for any other cannabis plant. Put the germinated seed into a pot and boost its growth with a high nitrogen and potassium fertilizer mix. Be careful not to smother the plant. 
  6. Gender confirmation: Once your plant/plants have started growing, you need to monitor the plant to assert that the plant is female. This can be done by examining the stalks. Male plants generally have bushier leaves at the base, they are generally stronger and grow faster than females. If you find a male, destroy it immediately but cutting it off close to its base. Do not just pull it out or throw it away. If you pull it out, you could damage the female’s roots and if you just throw it way, you still risk contamination. 

Sinsemilla is basically a sexually frustrated plant that keeps producing more resin, resulting in higher THC content than usual, in hopes of becoming fertilized. The biggest factor between common cannabis and sinsemilla is the careful process of making sure no males are in proximity of the female to avoid its fertilization. Unfortunately, sinsemilla plant growing will mean that you will be more likely to have to buy feminized seeds each time you wish to plant, but that’s not a total deal-breaker. The idea of not having to pick out numerous seeds and being able to consume less for the same potency, sounds like a “yes, please” from me. 

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Steve Sessions says:

March 15, 2023 at 7:35 pm

I really enjoyed your article and I really enjoy senimillion also!!! I’m a 1970’s sticky bud guy!!! Starting a grow now! I would love any tips that you have!!! Thanks