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What Combo of Terpenes and Cannabinoids Create the Perfect High?

April 28, 2020 10:48 am ET
What Combo of Terpenes and Cannabinoids Create the Perfect High?

Scientists are changing the perfect high…What does this mean for us? Well, it means that scientists, mostly chemists, at big cannabis companies are trying to get a predictable and reliable product. It turns out that terpenes may be the key to generating predictable and reliable products. All strains of cannabis can contain the same cannabinoids, yet the effects differ. The effects would still differ if the different strains had the same quantity of cannabinoids in it. 

INSA is a premium medical facility that deals with cannabis from the time it grows to the time you ingest it. They have growing facilities, a lab, a kitchen and a shop all in the same building. They can be found in Easthampton and they were named after Indica and Sativa cannabis varieties. The chief executive of INSA has stated that they are trying to re-educate their consumers. What do they mean by re-educating their consumers?

Well, Indica strains have been told to be sedating or relaxing while Sativa strains have been told to be energic or euphoric. This was before we knew anything about terpenes. Scientists have come to show that while there are maturation time and physical differences between Indica and Sativa, there are no corresponding, consistent differences between the chemical profiles between the two. Companies, such as INSA, are claiming to have identified certain effects backed up but information on the terpene profile and cannabinoid breakdown. 

Consumers Desire Consistency and Predictability

Now that cannabis has almost gotten to the point of being a regular consumer product, customers are seeking out ‘proven consistency’ that they expect from other regular consumer products. The key to providing consumers with reliable, consistent products seem to come done to the terpene profile rather than whether they are Indica or Sativa. 

Let’s look at an example, Ethan Russo is an American neurologist. He was passionate about finding a remedy to conditions and illness through herbal measures, such as cannabis. He then goes into aromatherapy and found that when he inhaled Tetrahydrocannabinoid (THC) alone, he found it very hard to function. He states that adding a terpene such as pinene would take that whole unpleasant experience and turn it into a clear-minded experience. Adding a further terpene, such as limonene, will make the clear-minded experience more pleasant, vibrant, and alive. Pinene is the terpene that gives off a ‘pinewood’ scent while limonene has a ‘citrus’ scent. This means that dispensaries can offer a ‘vibrant, clear-headed effect’ if their cannabis contains terpenes corresponding to those effects, limonene, and pinene. As long as the chemical profile of the terpenes and cannabinoid quantities are the same, it should, theoretically, be classified as a proven reliable product. 

Overview of Major Terpenes and Basic Benefits. 

MyrceneMusky and EarthyReduces inflammation and chronic pain.
LimoneneCitrusImproves overall mood as well as alleviates stress and anxiety.
LinaloolFloral and SpicyReduces inflammation and relieves depression
CaryophylleneSpicy and PepperyReduces inflammation as well as alleviating stress and anxiety. 
PinenePinewoodActs as an anti-inflammatory and boosts memory.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Pairing Benefits:

Limonene + THCLimonene can be very helpful in counteracting the poor memory effects on cannabis as well as assisting in keeping your mind clear. 
Linalool + Limonene + CBDLinalool and limonene are both good for reducing anxiety and will boost the healing effects that come with Cannabidiol (CBD).
Pinene + CBGPinene combined with Cannabigerol (CBG) acts as a powerful antiseptic and can be particularly beneficial to patients with conditions such as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
Caryophyllene + Myrcene + Pinene + CBDCaryophyllene, myrcene, and pinene combined with CBD act as a powerful agent combating the cycle of addiction. 
Limonene + Pinene + CBDLimonene and pinene combined with CBD topical cream target the root cause of acne which then reduces sebum production. Limonene, pinene, and linalool have all proven effective for cleaning, clearing, and leaving you with acne-free skin. 

Since we have discovered and proven through research that the Indica and Sativa categorization for effects is no longer effective nor accurate, we should re-educate ourselves on how to ensure consistent products and effects when consuming cannabis. Hopefully, more research becomes available that has been approved and accepted by the local medical facilities in order to take steps towards allowing cannabis to be available in more conventional manners as well as providing a possible manner for regulating the product. 

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Sherlynn Bernard says:

May 21, 2020 at 6:27 am

Your article about terpenes was very interesting and informative. This is the kind of research that is helpful as one navigates the scientific benefits of CBD. Thanks!

Ann Yocum says:

May 20, 2021 at 11:45 am

Thank you for this great information. I’m slowly getting more educated with the different strains and healing effects of cannabis

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