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Discover The Most Common Challenges When Growing Cannabis Plants

November 2, 2020 02:09 pm ET
Discover The Most Common Challenges When Growing Cannabis Plants

Growing cannabis at home can be a fun and rewarding process. At the same time, it can be extremely challenging. Many people are under the perception that you bring a cannabis plant home and put it in the ground or place it under a grow light, and in a short amount of time, you’ll have your own bud. This is kind of true, but a lot is left out. When someone decides to cultivate cannabis at home, you can expect to run into all kinds of issues. Learning what these potential issues are as well as how to recognize them and address them could be the difference between you having a crop or not.

There are many different things that can affect cannabis during the growth period. Let’s explore some of the different factors that play a determining role in the outcome of your ladies’ growth. Cannabis requires a few things to grow. Light, water, CO2, and nutrients are the basis of this. Those who choose to grow at home can grow indoors using soil or hydroponics. Many people choose to grow in a grow tent because it offers a controlled environment for your plants. Plants that are left out in the open are more susceptible to common pests and other issues.

Spider Mites – Just One Issue Growers Fight

One of the most common issues new growers face is the dreaded issue of spider mites. It’s not only new growers that face this problem. Anyone can be attacked by these little nuisances. When spider mites infest a crop, you might as well burn down your spot. Well, don’t actually burn it down, but you won’t want to grow any more cannabis in that environment until the spider mite problem is completely under control.

It is very important, even crucial, to know the signs of spider mites so that you know what to look for when monitoring your plants. If you happen to notice these little nuisances early enough, you might be able to eliminate them before the damage is done. Spider mites are tiny little speck-like looking insects that destroy your cannabis plants. They start to appear as tiny little yellow dots on the top of the leaves. Some people mistake it for mildew or mold. However, once you learn what they look like, you will never forget it. If you flip a leaf over and see little tiny dots on it, chances are you have spider mites. A closer inspection with a microscope will give you a definite yes or no, as well as a comparison of leaves with those online. People choose many different options, such as spraying the leaves with essential oils or dish soap, and some even opt for controversial choices such as neem oil.

Over or Underwatering Plants 

Another common issue is over and underwatering cannabis plants. Many people hear how much water cannabis consumes and believe that keeping their plants hydrated is the way to go for getting them to grow. This holds some truth, but too much water is not a good thing. Over-watering cannabis plants will cause problems that are visible. Be on the lookout for droopy curled leaves that often display signs of yellowing. If this is your issue, it could be due to a lack of proper drainage or using a growing medium that doesn’t allow for enough air and water exchange. And if you aren’t watering enough, the plants will appear brittle, curled, dry, and crispy to the touch.

Light Stress is Another Mess

Light stress is another factor that can destroy your crop. If cannabis plants get too much light, they experience a condition called light burn. Light burn makes the leaves shiny and armory looking while giving them an eagle claw appearance. If not addressed, this can kill the plant. If a plant has experienced light burn, it is also recommended to keep a close eye on them. Cannabis plants that are exposed to stress are known to switch sex from female to male.

Plants Nutrient Needs

Nutrients are another area that people have a hard time getting right. Let’s face it; there is a lot to learn when it comes to adding nutrients to cannabis plants. There is an enormous selection of additives to choose from. If you are unsure, speak with a professional at a cannabis grow store.  An experienced grower friend of mine once told me that when I went to get started, go slow, start off easy using very little, and keep it natural. Finding nutrients that contain products such as kelp, guano, and earthworm castings are a great start. Anytime that you add nutrients to your cannabis plant feedings, make sure you monitor how your ladies react. You will know if they don’t like something because they will show it.

Knowledge is Power

There is plenty of literature you can read that discuss different methods for growing cannabis at home and how to identify problems until the cows come home. Until you actually apply what you have learned to cultivate cannabis firsthand, you won’t have a full understanding of what these issues are, how to spot them, how to fix them, or how to avoid them altogether. Knowledge is power. Having a good understanding of cannabis cultivation before jumping into it gives you an edge. With time, patience, and a little bit of skill, you’ll be amazed at the end result you achieve when cultivating cannabis at home.

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