How to Stay Productive and Engaged when Medicating with Cannabis

June 16, 2020 10:00 am ET
How to Stay Productive and Engaged when Medicating with Cannabis

It can be all too easy to fall into a routine when you medicate with cannabis. Smoke up, then turn on your favorite TV show and sit there watching it for hours on end. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with passing the time in this way, regular consumers might find themselves looking for different ways to engage themselves after they’ve medicated.

We’ve compiled a few suggestions for things we think everyone should try after consuming cannabis, at least once. You might find that these experiences aren’t to your liking—but then, you might also find that you enjoy yourself so much that you revisit the activity time and time again.

Use THC to Help Focus on Cleaning

Cleaning is boring. For most of us, it’s an annoying task that must be completed, not something we actually want to do. It eats into our days and fails to adequately occupy our minds.

Try medicating with a cannabis strain that’s known to help with focus. Since THC messes with your perception of the passage of time, you could use it to your advantage. Try cleaning up your house after consuming cannabis. You may find that you get carried away by the task and lose track of how long you’ve been working, leading to more progress than you would ordinarily make in a single session of cleaning. And you might also find that it’s less of a chore than it would ordinarily be.

The Munchies Can Help Expand Your Palate

No, we’re not talking about giving in to the munchies—although that can be fun too. But you can put the munchies to work for you if you’re struggling to incorporate foods you don’t like that much into your diet.

Some of us find it challenging to get enough vegetables. No problem. Try preparing a vegetable dish before medicating and sit down to eat once you feel the munchies kick in. We’re willing to bet that you’ll find it more enjoyable than you would have otherwise.

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Chronically ill people struggling with nausea, and those with eating disorders, often turn to cannabis to help facilitate their eating. You can do the same.

Make Exercise More Enjoyable

If you choose to exercise after medicating with cannabis, use caution. You should plan out your exercise routine in advance and not deviate from it. This isn’t an area like cleaning, where getting carried away and doing more than you might have otherwise can be beneficial. Under ordinary circumstances, your body is good at informing you when you’re pushing it too far. THC can dull your perception of pain and might cause you to overdo it. Hiking, meditation, and yoga are popular activities to indulge when consuming cannabis.

If you can be sensible about sticking to your usual exercise routine, a little cannabis might make it less taxing to get through. But be sure to practice safety and be aware of your surroundings when exercising under the influence of cannabis!

Medicating With Cannabis to Get Better Sleep

If you’ve been troubled by bad dreams, or if you simply have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, try a strain high in CBN before you hit the hay. Cannabis can help reduce anxiety and slow down your racing thoughts, easing you into sleep and helping you relax. In addition, cannabis has been known to promote restorative sleep and suppress dreams, so if you’re having trouble getting the rest you need, you could be in for a pleasant night.

Speak with a medical professional about regularly using cannabis for sleep—longterm use can change your sleep patterns and deprive you of certain types of sleep that your body does need. But it can be a great way to get some extra rest when used appropriately. 

Switch up the activities you do after medicating with cannabis and you’ll find that cannabis can enhance every aspect of your life!

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