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Playboy Gets Fired Up For Cannabis Advocacy and Reform

October 21, 2020 04:45 pm ET
Playboy Gets Fired Up For Cannabis Advocacy and Reform

The cannabis advocacy movement goes back many years and involves many people. Protestors and entrepreneurs like Jack Herer pushed the movement forward through writing, speaking, and industry. Researchers studying the effects of the cannabis plant have helped to broaden our awareness and understanding of what is possible with the help of cannabis. Even musicians like Snoop Dogg and Bob Marley have played their part by incorporating cannabis into popular culture and serving as role models to show us that the use of weed is no barrier to success. Cannabis advocacy as a whole has been such a successful movement because it has had such a wide variety of people and organizations on its side. Now the cannabis movement has a new ally—Playboy Enterprises, owners of the infamous adult magazine.

Playboy’s History with Cannabis

The Playboy organization has always been fairly progressive when it comes to cannabis, as one might expect. Cannabis has shown to be helpful in increasing intimacy, and Playboy Enterprises was quick to board that train. Their “CBD By Playboy” line is focused on pleasure enhancement and is specifically targeted toward female customers. The line features an arousal spray, an intimacy gel, and a bath bomb.

But their advocacy dates back farther and is more involved than making a few CBD bath bombs. Back in the 1970s, a donation from Playboy was instrumental in the foundation of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). A year prior to that, the magazine published an article under the heading “Pot: A Rational Approach.” In the intervening years, Playboy has continued to speak out and advocate against the War on Drugs, as well as other forms of systemic racism. When you think of Playboy, it’s easy to think only of an adult magazine, but in fact, the organization has already shown itself to be a powerful agent for change.

Playboy’s Latest Play for Cannabis Law Reform

In September, Playboy announced that they would be joining with other cannabis and social justice advocates, including NORML, the Last Prisoner Project, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the Veterans Cannabis Project, and Eaze Momentum Program, in an effort to push for legalization, decriminalization, and destigmatization of cannabis. 

The campaign will be focusing on implementing changes in public policy through advocating for legislation. But other focal points of their efforts will include reaching out to people and changing the conversation around cannabis and cannabis culture. Playboy is donating $25,000 to the Last Prisoner Project and the Eaze Momentum Program to help bolster its efforts. The social media accounts of several prominent Playmates will be temporarily dedicated to the promotion of art that addresses the social iniquities and stigmas surrounding current cannabis legislation and culture. The Playboy Foundation, a corporate giving organization and the group responsible for giving NORML its founding grant, has been relaunched and will be focusing on making financial gifts to organizations dedicated to the fight against social injustice and to Black liberation.

The next time you pick up a Playboy magazine—or a CBD By Playboy product—keep the organization’s history in mind. Playboy is much more than adult content in a magazine. Playboy Enterprises is a group of advocates working for change, both in the area of legislative reform and social and cultural views. Their approach to cannabis is just one way in which this advocacy manifests itself.

It’s important for the cannabis movement to have as many different people and organizations from as many walks of life as possible on its side. Keep up with us at Veriheal to stay abreast of the changing political and social climate and learn more about how you can get involved.  

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