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President Biden’s Position on Cannabis Freedom Remains Unclear

April 29, 2021 03:30 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
President Biden’s Position on Cannabis Freedom Remains Unclear

Note: Veriheal does not support or endorse any political candidate or their policies. We merely report on the facts as they are presented and their implications in regards to cannabis.

Joe Biden has a chance to go down in history as either being the US president that helped bring an end to a disastrously failed War on Drugs or being a thorn in the side of a nation trying to reunite. Cannabis reform policies that would decriminalize or remove cannabis from current federal scheduling have been bouncing around between the House and Senate for many years now. The last two years have seen more success for positive cannabis reform laws on a federal level but have yet to gain the necessary momentum to be achieved. Finally, America seems to be on the precipice of a new doorstep waiting to end cannabis prohibition. The left and right seem to just want to have it come to an end.

Current federal cannabis prohibition is causing all kinds of problems for the nation. Support for the legalization of medical cannabis is at an all-time high in our nation. The latest polls show that Americans are ready to end marijuana prohibition. If elected officials are supposed to be representatives of the people, then what’s the issue? It seems that private agendas are at play. Could that really be the case? Could a handful of individuals be blocking cannabis legalization in support of private agendas being their own or their contributors?

Would Biden Sign a Federal Legalization Bill?

When asked if President Joe Biden would veto or sign a bill federally legalizing marijuana should it arrive on his desk, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declined to give a clear answer. She did, however, note that the president’s position on cannabis policy is much different than proposals congressional Democratic leaders are currently articulating.

Many people question whether Joe Biden will support the will of a nation regarding cannabis legalization or if he has other plans. Recently the Biden administration advised the US Supreme court that it believes low-level crack cocaine offenders should qualify for a federal law aimed to reduce certain prison terms.

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President Biden Isn’t Completely Against Cannabis But… 

President Biden authored a law that was passed in 1994 and signed by Bill Clinton.  The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, also notoriously known as the 1994 Crime Law, came to be through the work of Joe Biden. This law was a key factor behind the mass incarceration of Americans during the 1990s, according to many people. As of 2016, Joe Biden sees it as a law that ultimately “restored American cities“.

Cannabis legalization is more than just legalizing a plant that never should have been prohibited in the first place. Cannabis legalization is about making right on the wrongs of a nation that used federal laws as a weapon to target financially challenged individuals and communities of color. It is about acknowledging the wrongs of our past and recognizing that prohibition was built on a foundation of falsehood and racism.

President Joe Biden does not stand completely against cannabis legalization. While he does not openly support recreational legalization or complete removal from a federal listing, he does agree with some other key changes. When asked if the president would sign a bill that legalized cannabis at the federal level, White House Press Secretary Jen Pasaki answered, “the president supports leaving decisions regarding legalization for recreational use up to the states, rescheduling cannabis as a schedule 2 drug so researchers can study its positive and negative impacts and, at the federal level, he supports decriminalizing marijuana use and automatically expunging any prior criminal records. He also supports legalizing medicinal marijuana so that’s his point of view on the issue.”

A Time of Racial Awakening and Environmental Crises Prompt a Call for Unity

Just imagine that the federal government was to admit they were wrong. What if cannabis didn’t have to be grown by each state and kept in that state. Texas and California alone could grow all the cannabis the United States needs. This could greatly reduce the environmental impact of having a scattered industry state by state produces. In a time of environmental turmoil as well as a racial awakening, American needs to be United, not divided. If we are going to support medical cannabis legalization and call it a medicine, then it needs to be treated as such. Pharmaceutical companies are not required to store their cash in large amounts. They put it in a bank like every other business, with the exception of cannabis businesses. If you have to go to a doctor to receive a recommendation for cannabis, it should be covered by insurance.

The president’s lack of commitment to ending federal cannabis prohibition shows us that we are in for more of the same old smoke and mirrors game. However, that is to be expected with politicians in Joe Biden’s age group. It’s hard to teach old dogs a new trick, and Joe Biden is showing us that the statement holds a lot of truth to it. It’s time to end federal cannabis prohibition and let the nation begin to heal. But what it has taken over eight decades to do will not be undone overnight. Let the healing begin and end federal cannabis prohibition once and for all.

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