The Top 5 Strains you Should Consume During the Day

June 18, 2020 09:50 am ET
The Top 5 Strains you Should Consume During the Day

Whatever your reasons for consuming cannabis during the day, it is important that you know what effects your cannabis will give you to avoid becoming couch-locked when you should be working on something. Most of society needs to get things done throughout the day meaning that the cannabis consumed should assist, not prevent, progress. Energy, creativity, and focus are examples of effects to look for in cannabis for day-time consumption.

Cannabis can be used to inspire creativity, motivation, production, and focus when it is consumed correctly. This means that the consumer needs to find a balance between the right strain, consumption method, and quantity consumed.

Unfortunately, the terms ‘sativa’ and ‘indica’ are no longer relevant to expected effects but are serving the purpose of telling us about the plants’ physical traits. This is due to the fact that pretty much all of the strains available are hybrids, which dominancy in ‘sativa’ or ‘indica’ traits. Therefore, consumers who are looking for the perfect daytime cannabis strain will need to look at the plant profile in order to pick a strain with daytime complimentary effects such as creativity boosts or tunnel vision.

It turns out that the terpene content of the cannabis product acts as a type of consistent variable which suggests what type of effects the different strains can have on the body. The best daytime strains are energetic, spur on inspiration and creativity encourages tunnel vision, and provides you with all the medical benefits such as reduced anxiety, stress, and pain, etc.

The Top 5 Strains Suggested For Daytime Consumption:

  • Lemon Kush
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Skunk
  • Choco Candy

Why Choose These Strains?

These strains are all hybrids with varying dominance either being indica or sativa, however, they all have one thing in common, they boost energy and have terpenoid profiles that are suggestive of all the desirable effects for daytime consumption. Limonene is the leading terpene promoting overall mood improvement while terpenes such as myrcene, linalool, and caryophyllene promote a calm composure with lowered anxiety and stress. Pinene can help boost your memory which can be beneficial during daytime consumption. Even if you do not consume the above-mentioned strains, there are many suitable strains that can leave you feeling happier, calmer while more energetic all at the same time.

Another and perhaps the most significant reason you would want to consume strains, like Jack the Ripper, during the day is because of a cannabinoid called THCV. Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is a psychoactive cannabinoid (such as THC), which has been found and known to produce more motivated, alert, energizing, and euphoric feelings. THCV also has many medical benefits such as taking on a neuroprotective role, alleviating conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Be sure to check out more on this holistically healing cannabinoid.

Other strains that would be beneficial for energy during the day, while lowering anxiety at the same time, include strains such as Mango Kush, Sour Tangie, Maui Strawberry, Harlequin, and Hercules.

How To Effectively Consume Cannabis During The Day

  1. Find the right strain for you by looking at the plant’s profile for effects and terpene content which will deliver the desired effects.
  2. Experiment with different quantities of cannabis in order to find the least possible amount for the desired effects, whether that’s pain management or inspiration.
  3. Experiment with different consumption methods in order to find the one that works best for you and what you’re looking for.

For many people, consuming cannabis during the day can act as a method of reducing stress, providing focus, and lifting up the mood leading to a productive and pleasant day. Remember to experiment with different strains, methods of consumption, and quantity to find your optimal consumption conditions.

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