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These Top 5 Books About Cannabis Are Totally Worth the Read

Kat Helgeson

by Kat Helgeson

February 13, 2020 09:54 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
These Top 5 Books About Cannabis Are Totally Worth the Read

Ready for some expanded reading on the subject of cannabis? You’re in luck. There are a host of great books out there on the subject, and more are being published all the time. Whether your goal is to expand your knowledge of cannabis or simply to pick up a good read, any one of these tomes ought to serve you well.

For the History Buffs

For a look at the history of cannabis, we recommend picking up Grass Roots: A History of Cannabis in the American West by Nick Johnson. Although cannabis does have a history that extends back far earlier than America, it’s interesting to explore the way our country has been impacted and shaped by the presence of cannabis and its growers. Grass Roots begins with early Mexican American beet farmers raising cannabis alongside their crop and takes readers up through the present day, where cannabis is grown in bulk in greenhouses.

Johnson’s book also explores the topic of sustainability. It’s an exploration of how cannabis growers can continue to expand the industry and make their product more available while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint and doing right by the environment.

For Deep Thinkers

Looking for a book to crack open while you’re high? Cannabis – Philosophy for Everyone: What Were We Just Talking About? is the answer. This essay compilation explores the philosophical questions associated with cannabis. What does it mean to be “high?” Why are human beings compelled to seek states of altered consciousness? What have the great thinkers said about the issues surrounding cannabis legalization? Cannabis – Philosophy for Everyone makes a great pick to read with friends, as it allows you the opportunity to choose an essay, read together, and discuss the points raised—but it can also make a great solo read.

For the Fiction Lovers

If novels are more to your liking than nonfiction books, check out Baked by Mark Haskell Smith. This rollicking book tells the story of a young grower named Miro whose ambition takes him to the top—he wins Amsterdam’s coveted Cannabis Cup. From there, though, things quickly go downhill. Miro’s fantastical cannabis with a taste of mangoes is in high demand, and there are those who will resort to violence to get in on his action. Miro must embark on a dangerous—and hilarious—quest to recover his prized invention and restore his reputation.

THE Book for Beginner Cannabis Growers

Looking to get started as a grower? Before you can win any Cannabis Cups, you’ll need to read up and develop your technique. For that, we recommend The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medicinal Use. You’ll find information on every aspect of the process, from what lighting equipment you should use to the best extraction techniques to make the most of your cannabinoids. The Cannabis Grow Bible is the perfect gardener’s companion—keep it right next to your plants for reference and make sure to consult it frequently as you go!

For the Humor Enthusiasts

Sometimes you just need a laugh. Pick up Weedgalized in Colorado: True Tales from the High Country by Johnny Welsh. It’s an anthology of stories about Colorado’s legalization journey, and the tales are both true and hilarious. You’ll enjoy following along with Colorado as it takes its first strides into a brave new world.

If you read any of the books on our list and enjoy them, or if you have a favorite cannabis-related book we didn’t mention here, let us know!   

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