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Using Cannabis to Treat Symptoms of Depression

August 4, 2020 03:39 pm ET

For those suffering from depression, finding the right way to manage the condition can be a difficult battle. Though traditional antidepressants are a good option for many, for some, the side effects may make them a difficult choice, while for others they simply prove less effective than would be desirable.

But research now suggests that there is a new option out there for those dealing with depression. According to recent findings, cannabis might be viable as an option for treating your depression. Though there is still more research to be done on the issue, the early findings definitely look promising.

What the Research Says About Depression and Cannabis Treatment

Though it has historically been lacking in both quantity and breadth of topics investigated, cannabis research has begun to accelerate over the past few years. In part, that’s tied to legalization. As the push to legalize cannabis spreads, so too does the drive to find out more about the substance and what it can be used for. Additionally, as cannabis becomes legal in more and more places, more people gain access to it for the purposes of conducting their research.

The study in question was published as recently as June, 2020. Researchers observed as study participants who suffered from depression self-medicated with cannabis. The participants then reported on the effects of cannabis on their depression. The researchers found that in over 95% of cases, participants showed significant relief from symptoms.

The results varied according to several details. Generally, researchers found that higher THC levels led to more promise of symptom relief. Conversely, CBD levels in cannabis tended not to correlate to symptom relief at all. This is significant because as cannabis legalization becomes more widespread, many people are learning about the potential benefits before full legalization reaches them. For these individuals, CBD products might serve as a substitute for cannabis products that offer full THC potency. But in the case of using cannabis as a treatment for depression it seems that the CBD option can’t be counted upon for significant help.

An interesting note was that the cannabis users participating in the study generally experienced symptom relief very quickly. Traditional pharmaceuticals usually take weeks or months to begin working, and during that time, patients may continue to experience painful or upsetting symptoms. Additionally, the side effects caused by these drugs may range from unpleasant to severe.

Want to Know if Cannabis is Right For You?

Begin by consulting with your doctor. This is always an important step when treating a diagnosed illness. Do not discontinue any medication you’ve been prescribed without your doctor’s assistance, and if you plan to begin using cannabis in conjunction with a traditional pharmaceutical, it’s best to inform your doctor of that fact as well. Your next step might be to get a medical cannabis card, if you haven’t already got one. Veriheal can certainly help you with that.

This research is incredibly promising, and pointing to a future when the millions of people suffering from depression might be able to find easy and accessible relief from their symptoms.

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