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Using cannabis and CBD for Night Terrors

A night terror is a sleep disorder in N3 sleep, the most severe stage and the same stage where sleeping occurs, in non-rapid eye movement. Night terrors can occur with adults, although children aged 3-12 are more common, which means that they can possibly interrupt entire households.

Chronic night terrors can cause deprivation of sleep or interrupted sleep patterns. Violent flailing and related sleepwalking also constitute a safety risk for all people at home. The frequency of episodes naturally increases with the occurrence of those night terror effects.

How Cannabis Eliminate Night Terrors?

According to this article, cannabis directly affects the system of endocannabinoids (ECS). The ECS controls how the mind and the body interact. The nervous system, organ function, and even the immune system are affected. It is designed to keep homeostasis, a term that describes the balance of the inner environment. The tissues from the mind and other organs to immuno-system cells include ECS receptors. The potential medical or health uses of plant cannabinoids such as CBD are now being explored by scientists.

The body’s balance is often disturbed by medications, whereas CBD can regulate natural processes in the body. Studies have demonstrated a sedative effect of the THC compound, making it easier for someone to fall asleep.

Studies have also found that cannabinoid cannabidiol can improve sleep control. CBD contains just .3% or less of THC, so an individual is not “high”. In fact, CBD has alert properties in lower doses that can contribute to feelings of sleep deprivation during the day. Sleep deprivation, a sleep cycle that is disrupted and stress all contribute to night terror.

CBD may occur abundantly in legally-made hemp plants, while it was largely grown from marijuana trials that were particularly produced for cannabinoid strength.

Night terrors are therefore a lethal cycle, but the CBD’s homeostasis-promoting properties can help to re-regulate the nervous system of an individual and break the vicious cycle that affects entire families.

While considering cannabinoids as treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Studies have shown that, in contrast to many licensed medications, the side effects are small.

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