7 Delicious Foods That Can Enhance the Benefits of Cannabis

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If you’ve ever smoked marijuana you’ve probably experienced the magnificent joy of the munchies. The overwhelming desire for chips and cookies is almost always impossible to resist. Sometimes it’s the best experience ever, but other times, you eat too much and you’ve fallen into a food coma. Of course, there are healthy alternatives that you could try that won’t make you feel so bloated. What you should be trying are these snacks that are both healthy and enhance your high to an extent. These drinks and snacks are great to try when smoking a joint because of their numerous health benefits associated with the pairings. 

1. Mango

Mango is one of the best pairings for marijuana because of the high level of myrcene terpenes found in the fruit. These components actually bind with the THC receptors, making the effects of marijuana come to you faster and for longer, and even harder! Whether you eat some mango before or after you smoke, eating this fruit will significantly boost your high, satisfy your munchies and you won’t feel awful after eating it. 

2. Chocolate

Another great food to pairing with is chocolate. The sweet treat itself contains a chemical compound, known as anandamide, which makes you feel blissful after you eat it. Scientists have figured out that marijuana also contains this compound, and when paired with chocolate, activates the brain receptors that cause that euphoric feeling. This could explain why edibles, such as brownies, can cause the greatest high experiences. 

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is an interesting food suggestion that has some benefit when paired with Marijuana. The beta caryophyllenes inside of the vegetable will actually reduce physical pain and inflammation by working with the cannabinoids found in cannabis. In other words, broccoli and a blunt means a better feeling body. Again, this is one of the snacks that you could eat a lot of and not feel awful about eating all of it. 

4. Tea

Drinks, on the other hand, have many more options compared to foods, which means more benefits! First, let’s break down tea. The best thing about tea is all of the antioxidants, which help protect against many forms of cancer. One of the antioxidants, catechin, works with cannabinoids to enhance the brain’s receptors into a calm and peaceful state. If you’re really a tea-fanatic then it might be worth your while to know that you can pair these two down to the tea flavor or cannabis effects. 

5. Coffee

Coffee is another popular pairing for a wake and bake. The caffeine and cannabis work together to create a “calm focus” that comes from the effects of both sides, almost balancing each other out. Like tea, you can pair cannabis and coffee by the flavor or effect. Although there are no immediate benefits from this combination, nor does it medically enhance the high, the two both release euphoric feelings when experienced individually. Together it will create a beautiful morning that just feels a little brighter.  Next time you have the day off and decided to wake and bake, try a little coffee with that cannabis. 

6. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are full of vitamin E and B. Both of these vitamins have a major impact on serotonin. Cannabinoids also have a great deal of influence on serotonin production as well. So next time you consume, try to add in some sweet potatoes to promote a happy and healthy mood.

7. Kombucha

The last best drink to pair with some bud is kombucha. The drink itself contains antioxidants, kills bacteria, is a good source of probiotics, and helps manage and protect against many diseases and cancers. Good Stuff Tonics, from San Diego, CA, has been creating cannabis-infused kombucha for a couple of years now. They call it “Cannabucha,” and it has all the benefits that kombucha has. It’s a must-try if you’re ever in the area. 

These snacks and drinks are not only healthy alternatives for when you get the munchies, but they actually enhance your high in many different ways. Try some of these pairings yourself and see which you like best!  

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