A Change of Pace: Infusing Your Meals With Cannabis

January 16, 2019 10:16 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
A Change of Pace: Infusing Your Meals With Cannabis

If you are bored with your medicinal cannabis routine, you may want to try many of the new options available in cannabis cuisine. Worried about the change? Your new diet can be just as medically effective, but more delicious!

So, you’re a fan of the benefits medicinal marijuana can bring you, but you aren’t a fan of the forms of ingesting the helpful herb that you have tried. It could be that you don’t have the sweet-tooth that makes the classic edible brownie or gummies so appealing. Maybe you don’t like vaping or need a change of pace- whatever the reason is, we have good news. You can take your medical marijuana in your meal in such a way that you won’t even know that it’s there.

Will This Affect My Treatment?

First, let’s talk about the benefits of cooking marijuana-infused meals. Cooking versus inhaling your cannabis will allow the helpful properties to have a stronger and longer lasting effect. When you smoke or vape marijuana, the cannabinoids are ingested through your lungs instead of going straight to the liver. If you are eating cannabis-infused meals, cannabidiol, the part of the cannabis that helps you manage your pain or insomnia, etc, goes straight to the liver to be digested.

Is Cannabis Cuisine As Easy To Make As Edibles Are?

There are many ways to create sweet edibles to ingest your marijuana, from cheesecake to rice-krispies, but today we are here for those of you who prefer savory flavors. Cooking with cannabis has become a culinary art, with many cookbooks now available from respected chefs. Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking Cannabis is one example of a cookbook that fits this day and age of culinary cooking with cannabis. Not only is it easy to find cookbooks that treat cooking with cannabis as an art form, but it is also easy to find books that can help you create a delicious meal even if you are a beginner in the kitchen. A simple Google or Amazon search can help you find any book you will need to make your dining dreams come true.

How Do You Infuse Meals With Cannabis?

No matter what cookbook you are looking at, you will most likely find a section on how to make cannabutter or cannabis oil. This is the first step you will need to make a delicious meal. You may either find that you can add the actual cannabutter to your meal while cooking, or add it on later in a cannabis-olive oil highbred. Pot-infused penne pasta is created by creating your usual pasta and adding the oil with some nice red-flakes for flavor after. Marijuana bread, on the other hand, is created with cannabutter within the recipe and bread itself. Both delicious options to add to your kitchen but you will need to learn how to make cannabutter and cannabis oil properly.

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Making pot-infused oil and cannabutter is a precise yet achievable feat. You will want to follow your recipe closely to get the intended result. This is no time for winging it. It is necessary to have the exact right amount of heat for the perfect amount of time to properly activate the CBD in your marijuana. The High Times does a great job of explaining the process to give you the best result for your cannabis cuisine endeavors. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook is a well-rounded recipe book that will help you create your own cannabis butter or marijuana-infused oil.

Drink Options

If you like a light cocktail every so often and it doesn’t have a negative effect on any medications you are taking, you can try one of the many pot-infused drinks now available. Make sure to check with your doctor and any medications you are taking before consuming alcohol alongside them. If your doctor has already permitted the use of alcohol, a cannabis cocktail is a refreshing and fun option to add to your dinner to consume your medicinal cannabis. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook has some lovely cannabis cocktail options as well as many other cookbooks you can find in a Google or Amazon search.

Though fun when consumed with caution, cannabis cocktails can be tricky to add to your dining experience as you never know how the mix of alcohol and cannabis will affect you. Make sure you ease yourself into this experience and do not overdrink. It’s a good rule of thumb to make sure you give yourself a low dosage of medicinal marijuana and only have one drink.

If you are not looking to mix alcohol or cannabis use in any way shape or form, those cocktail recipes could still come in handy. You can use the same method to infuse a cocktail with cannabis to infuse nonalcoholic beverages. Try creating a mocktail or adding a cannabis-infused syrup to lemonade. Even coffee can be infused with cannabis if you add a little cannabutter.

Your Cannabis Cuisine Experience

Whether you decide to stick with your edibles, try a cannabis meal or an infused nightcap, we hope that you will feel a little more confident using cannabis in your kitchen. Medicinal marijuana is a great tool that can now be used artistically in your meals. There is a plethora of cookbooks and recipes waiting for you to try that make this process simple for you. If you are in need of medicinal cannabis anyway, why not try experimenting with some of the delicious dishes now available?

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