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Braving The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Prices Amid the 2020 Pandemic

October 2, 2020 03:00 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Braving The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Prices Amid the 2020 Pandemic

When it comes to cannabis, Americans love it! So much so that we have kept the culture and community alive and thriving. Thriving during the attempted eradication of this plant and the people that support it. It was kept alive from a greedy government that, for the most, continues to support outdated cannabis policies that hurt American citizens. Fortunately, lawmakers are finally listening to the people’s will or risk being out of a job. Soon America could see cannabis removed from the Controlled Substance Act opening the door for positive cannabis reform. Covid-19 changed a lot of things in our country. One thing that it almost changed was access to legal cannabis. At first, cannabis businesses were told to shut down like others when COVID-19 started. Almost as soon as this nonsense started, an end was put to it. Cannabis businesses were deemed essential and remained open while many other businesses like bars, restaurants, and nail salons closed. With cannabis dispensaries remaining open during the pandemic, many people turned to them for relief during these trying times.

The price and quality of cannabis vary from state to state. Some of the best cannabis in the country still comes from the west coast of California and Oregon. You can find good herb in every state but be prepared to pay for it. I live in Oklahoma. There are loads of dispensaries with $75- and $125-ounce specials on flower. The price may be good, but if you’re like me, the quality just isn’t there with budget products in the state. Good quality cannabis products in Oklahoma start at about $280 an ounce and goes for as high $420 per ounce. You can find budget products for $75, $100, and $125 an ounce, but they don’t taste pleasant and lack the qualities and characteristics of cannabis unless you are new to smoking or haven’t ever smoked high-quality cannabis. Now take me to Colorado, and I can get an ounce of high-quality top-shelf cannabis for $125.

From my experience visiting dispensaries across the country, prices seem to be cheaper in big cities where dispensaries see a high volume of sales. The sketchier the location, the better the deals seem to be. Let’s look at the prices of cannabis across the country and see who holds the title of having the lowest prices and who is the highest.

When it Comes to Cannabis Prices, Here Are Some of the Lowest

The lowest prices on cannabis can be found in Oregon, where the average cost runs between $5 per gram upwards of $250 per ounce. The title for the highest price for cannabis goes to California, where an ounce of the top-shelf herb can set you back $400 or more. The prices of cannabis and cannabis products like edibles and concentrates greatly depend on the location you are buying them.

If you really want to shell out some money for herb, head to Capitol Hill where the big boys and girls shell out upwards of $600 an ounce and more. Now we see why they keep raising taxes. Maybe if we lower the price of herb for our political leaders, they would extend the kindness to us. At $600 an ounce, it’s easy to see why so many politicians in D.C. have it out for cannabis still.

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The Highest and the Average Prices Across the Nation

If you want to talk about the most expensive cannabis sold, many would agree that record belongs to a Las Vegas, Nevada dispensary that sold a 24-gram $11,000 cannabis cigar. According to priceofweed.com, the average price for quality bud in the US is around $319 an ounce, mids comes in at an average of $284 an ounce, and there is no average price for budget products, which should run between $50-$125 an ounce.

When you’re looking to buy quality, you should be able to score it from dispensaries for somewhere between $6-$15 a gram depending on your taste preferences. Using apps like Weedmaps, LeafBuyer, and other cannabis dispensary platforms is another great way to find deals.

Growing is the Way to Go

The absolute best way to score top-shelf herb for the lowest price is to grow it yourself where it’s legal. This will give you the best quantity and quality for your buck but requires effort and patience to grow properly. But for those who know how to grow, they can produce top quality cannabis that sells in dispensaries for $10 -$15 a gram for as little as fifty cents per gram.

You Get What You Pay For

In short, you get what you pay for when it comes to herb. Sometimes you can score a great deal. Sometimes, that great deal though ends up being a bag of swag that you could smoke in entirety and feel nothing more than maybe a headache. Paying top dollar isn’t always the sure way to ensure that you get good quality products either. Check out this article on how to tell the difference between quality cannabis medicine and a swag bag.

When you find a dispensary with the product and pricing, you should definitely let them, and other patients know. What are you paying for a quality ounce where you live? Let us know and keep the conversation going in the comments below.

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