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Cannabis Cafés are Beginning to Open Up Across the World

September 30, 2019 07:45 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes

Recently, two separate cannabis cafés have set up shop in two different cities across the world. Located at almost polar opposites of each other, these cafés allow medical marijuana patients to use cannabis products while enjoying a cup of tea on location. This is the first-ever to open of its kind, but these types of environments can be expected to be the next big trend for cannabis users.

A Cannabis Café is Currently Operating in Israel

The first café, in Beersheba, Israel, opened mid-September and offers a designated location for medical marijuana users to smoke cannabis on-site. This café won’t offer any medical cannabis for sale to customers, but they will give patients devices to smoke from if desired.

According to Amit Moreno, one of the shop’s founders, they are “trying to fight for designated areas that would be accessible for [medical] marijuana users, hoping that it will get to every café.” The café will also be hosting educational events that will teach the public about the benefits medical cannabis can have.

Israel has been one of the most supportive countries in the Middle East in terms of cannabis use, legalizing the drug for medical purposes in the early 1990s.

A Los Angeles Location is Coming Soon

The second café, in Los Angeles, CA, is set to open up Oct. 1 and offer both the sale and consumption of medical cannabis on-site. Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café is to become a one-of-a-kind experience for those in West Hollywood. This company, which offers many amenities to a stoner, claims to be the country’s first “farm-to-table restaurant highlighting cuisine and cannabis,” according to a statement.

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This new-style café will feature a California-inspired menu that is intended to be paired with the heightened effects cannabis has.  The food itself won’t contain any cannabis products, but the café will offer a table-side flower service from an expert cannabis sommelier. These “flower hosts” can answer any questions about strains, flavors, pairings, and effects. Once the customer knows which strain they would like to experience their food with, customers have the option of smoking a joint, or smoking from a dab rig or bong. The cannabis expert prepares all of this for you.

California has legalized the recreational use of marijuana since Proposition 64 passed in 2016. Since the legalization, the market, both legal and underground, has been thriving for the past three years. Environments like these have been discussed ever since the legalization, but this is the first time it will actually be seen in the United States.

Something as unique yet inevitable is expected to gain a lot of attention, and the rest of the world can expect to see more of these cafés pop up. As the first cannabis café in the United States, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café has implemented some rules that have set the foundation for cannabis cafés. First, no one under the age of 21 is allowed at these cafés. Second, although these cafés will stay open until 2 am, the last call will be at 9:50 pm. That’s not to say you have to stop smoking at that time. If you wish to smoke until the close, the establishment allows customers to order more cannabis before the last call and use it until closing.

All cannabis used on location must be bought from the budtenders who serve you, but that hasn’t stopped the café from thinking ahead. Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café will also have its own dispensary inside of the café where customers can purchase cannabis products for later use. Cannabis products can only be purchased with cash, but everything else can be purchased with a credit or debit card.

Reservations for Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café are already being taken online, but spots are filling fast.

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