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Research Suggests That CBD Can be Used in Fruit Preservation

January 13, 2021 02:30 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
Research Suggests That CBD Can be Used in Fruit Preservation

The CBD cannabinoid is a natural non-intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant, and as studies have revealed, an increasing number of uses for CBD and the oil made from it have become ever more popular. Of course, THC remains the prime choice for anyone looking to consume recreationally—though other cannabinoids have been revealed to have other beneficial effects to offer as well. But the many uses of CBD have been a major contributor to the spreading legalization of the cannabis plant. CBD can be used to help mitigate a wide variety of physical conditions, including epilepsy, high blood pressure, migraines, and insomnia. As a topical cream, it can be used to help deal with muscle pain and skin conditions as well and some people have even found success in administering CBD for pets. And now a study has revealed a potential new use for CBD—as a preservative for fresh fruit.

Exploring What Happens When CBD Oil is Used on Fruit

A recent study was conducted at the University of South Florida’s Food Quality Laboratory that explored CBD oil as a method of food preservation. Researchers in the field of cell biology, microbiology, and molecular biology experimented by applying CBD oil to fresh fruit immediately after it had been harvested. The treated fruit was then stored at one-degree Celsius for eight days and ten degrees celsius for a further eight days. After the sixteen days were up, the fruit was evaluated for both visual quality and microbial load.

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The results showed that treating the fruit with CBD oil was effective when it came to helping it maintain the quality of its appearance. The strawberries used in the study remained fresh and red throughout the trial, and at the end of the sixteen days, they were more appetizing to look at than control strawberries which had not been treated. In addition, the microbial load had a tale to tell. The CBD oil had inhibited the growth of yeasts and molds on the fruits, leaving them in a better condition to be sold and eaten than untreated control strawberries.

These results mirror those from other studies where CBD was also found to be a powerful anti-microbial agent. This past summer, a research study out of Australia found that CBD was effective at killing bacteria, even when that bacteria was resistant to antibiotics. Their study further revealed that the bacteria did not adapt and become resistant to CBD, the way bacteria can often become resistant to antibiotics. This isn’t the first time that a cannabinoid has shown winning results when it comes to microbes. CBG has also been found to help destroy MRSA.  

What it Means For the Future

The more options we have when it comes to fighting both bacteria and fungus or mold, the better off we all are. In the case of fruit, specifically, it is much more advantageous to use a natural compound like CBD as a preservative. Since CBD has been shown to be harmless—even advantageous—to consume, it’s an even better choice to use as a natural preservative instead of processed chemicals which can, in turn, be harmful to the body. In addition, finding new uses for CBD is beneficial as we continue the fight for broader legalization. The more we are able to research and pinpoint the many uses of this magnificent compound, the closer we get to the day when everyone will see the need for widespread legalization.  

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