How Cannabis Is Able to Ease the Burdens of Cancer

October 25, 2019 01:44 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
How Cannabis Is Able to Ease the Burdens of Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As with all types of cancers, living with breast cancer places tremendous strain on the body and mind. There is pain associated with both the disease itself and with its treatment. Additionally, cancer is an emotionally and mentally stressful experience.

Veriheal recommends that you follow the advice of your physician when it comes to treating the primary illness. Cannabis is not a cure-all for cancer. But there are several things cannabis can do that can ease the burden and increase your comfort as you confront this difficult time.

Appetite Stimulation

Many treatments for cancer leave the patients nauseous and unable to eat. This is a problem because when your body is undergoing treatment for cancer, it’s important to keep up your strength. The inability to eat regular meals can lead to weight loss, and it also prevents you from getting the vitamins and nutrients you need to encourage good health and recovery.

Most of us are familiar with the “munchies” as a side effect of marijuana use, and for someone struggling to maintain a healthy appetite, it can be a real bonus. The munchies can help to suppress nausea and give you the desire to eat when it may have been absent. If your cancer treatment has left you feeling averse to food, cannabis just might be the answer.

Controlling Pain

Studies have long shown that cannabis is effective when it comes to pain management, and that’s no different for cancer patients. Inflammation in the breast tissue is one of the primary causes of pain associated with breast cancer, as tumors may push up against healthy tissue. Cannabis is an excellent remedy for pain derived from tissue inflammation.

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Other causes of pain during the treatment of breast cancer, and other cancers as well, can also be eased with the use of cannabis.

Managing Anxiety

If you’re struggling with anxiety and depression as a result of your diagnosis, you are not alone. These conditions are common among people suffering from cancer, and it’s something you shouldn’t shy away from speaking to your doctor about. But you might also be able to manage your mental and emotional health with a little help from cannabis.

Anxiety, in particular, is known for being manageable through the use of cannabis. If you find yourself unable to relax, or if racing thoughts are keeping you from going about your day in a productive fashion, you may want to try a cannabis-based solution

Consult With Your Doctor at Every Stage

It’s very important to be open with your doctor about everything you’re doing to supplement the primary treatment they’re prescribing. Some medications are interactive with cannabis and can produce undesirable side effects when used in tandem. If you are open with your doctor about your desire to use cannabis, they may be able to accommodate that wish by prescribing a treatment that will work well in conjunction. And they will certainly be able to tell you whether or not the choice you’re making is a safe one. If your state is one where medical marijuana is legal, your doctor won’t be able to prescribe it, but they will be able to make a recommendation that will help you on your way to accessing it.

Cancer is one of the most difficult struggles many people will ever face. It can give rise to a lot of secondary physical, mental, and emotional issues that are also challenging. You deserve to do whatever you can to make your journey a little bit easier and to enhance your health and well being as much as possible. Cannabis may just be the answer for you.

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