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Massachusetts Cannabis Delivery Companies Battle Regulations

November 1, 2021 05:26 pm ET

With home delivery rapidly taking the place of store shelves for all sorts of consumer goods, it’s no surprise that cannabis delivery companies are emerging left and right. But one factor stands in the way of these companies’ success: regulation.

Massachusetts, where medical and recreational cannabis is legal, was one of the first states to develop regulations for cannabis delivery, according to Mass Live. The system just went into effect earlier this year, and participants are required to hold one of two licenses offered by the state.

While the state’s allowance of cannabis delivery is a step in the right direction, regulations for delivery operations put forth by the state’s Cannabis Control Commission are making it difficult for companies to profit. The biggest culprit, according to the CEO of a delivery company called Your Green Package, is the two-driver rule, which requires all cannabis delivery vehicles to be equipped with two drivers at all times.

The two-driver rule drastically increases costs for the companies, who have to pay two drivers at a time or cancel deliveries altogether if one person calls out of work. In contrast, this is not a regulation alcohol delivery companies have to deal with. As a result, cannabis delivery companies in the state are struggling just to break even.

The rule is a safety provision meant to protect employees and products, but company leaders point out that other regulations are sufficient for security. Drivers are also required by the state to wear body cameras, and vehicles must be equipped with GPS tracking systems.

Among other advantages, altering the regulations surrounding cannabis delivery would allow drivers to be paid more. CEOs of companies affected by the two-driver rule are currently talking with Massachusetts’ cannabis commissioners, who are receptive to hearing about the issue.

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