Online CBD Communities Worth Joining for the Beginner Consumer

May 20, 2022 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Online CBD Communities Worth Joining for the Beginner Consumer

There’s no denying the fact that CBD is dominating the wellness landscape. Increasing awareness of the cannabinoid’s medicinal effects is going hand-in-hand with CBD’s skyrocketing popularity across not just one niche industry, but many.

Did you know that, according to statistics published by Consumer Reports in 2019, approximately 64 million Americans had tried consuming CBD in the last 24 months? The report also showed that among those who consumed CBD, 22% claimed that they were able to supplement or completely stop using over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs.

CBD has evolved into a nationwide craze, with the market accruing $4.6 billion in the United States in 2020. Its diversity extends far beyond the realm of tinctures and oils, with the market now featuring an ever-growing range of CBD-containing goods, including bedsheets, cosmetics, skincare, dog treats, drinks, and supplements.

Recommended Online CBD Communities

If you are a newbie CBD consumer and want to talk with like-minded people to learn more about this up-and-coming health and wellness ingredient, consider checking out one of the following online CBD communities:

  • Project CBD: Since it was founded back in 2014 by a group of journalists, Project CBD has grown to become a well-respected online community for stories pertaining to the medical cannabis industry. By joining their social media group, you can stay up-to-date with Project CBD’s posts, which are published twice a week.
  • CBD Hacker: CBD Hacker is the go-to place for everything related to CBD. What’s more, the CBD Hacker team aims to help customers make informed buying decisions by offering a long list of product reviews.
  • CBD School: A variation of articles and videos are uploaded to this “online CBD school,” where you can find newly posted content up to five times per week.
  • Honest CBD Reviews: Last but not least is Honest CBD Reviews, which places a heavy emphasis on product reviews. Newbie CBD consumers and buyers often turn to this reliable source for insightful information about product quality, brand recommendations, and more.

Should your interest extend further than CBD, check out forum.grasscity.com/forums, described as “the #1 marijuana forum in the world.” You won’t just find information about CBD on this forum but also information about medical marijuana usage and applications, legalization, home-growing, edibles, consumption, smoking accessories, and more.

Alternatively, brush up on your knowledge of CBD’s intoxicating cousin THC by visiting the online THCtalk community. This cannabis-focused forum is mainly a growing community in which people can discuss their personal cultivation techniques, making it ideal for medical cannabis patients residing in states that permit home-growing.

The Future of CBD-Focused Research

CBD sales in the U.S. topped $4.6 billion in 2020. This figure was largely stimulated by the federal legalization of hemp, a change that occurred following former President Donald Trump’s signing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

The growth of the CBD market is anticipated to accelerate further, with analysts from Arcview Market Research predicting that the U.S. market will generate over $20 billion by 2024. According to Policy Lab, a handful of promising CBD studies have already been carried out this year. They include the following:

As time progresses, we are sure to see more research cropping up in journals like the Journal of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, which is acknowledged as a leading peer-reviewed journal specializing in the medical, psychosocial, and scientific discovery of clinical cannabis and cannabinoids.

However, the future of cannabis research all depends on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and its efforts to proceed with applications. In May 2021, the DEA announced that it was approaching the end of its reviewal process for cannabis grower applications. The process was put on the back burner for four years.

Since 1968, researchers across the U.S. have been limited to using cannabis from just a single domestic provider at the University of Mississippi. 50 years later, two companies have already harvested their first batch of medicinal-grade cannabis—Groff North America Hemplex and the Biopharmaceutical Research Company (BRC). Many more are expected to follow.

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