The Popularity of Sustainable Hemp Technology is Gaining Momentum

August 6, 2019 07:20 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
The Popularity of Sustainable Hemp Technology is Gaining Momentum

Earlier this month, thousands of people cycled in and out of the Miami Beach Convention Center and explored the wide world of cannabis at the USA CBD Expo. Products were presented and displayed from top brands as well as newcomers to the cannabis scene. Vendors of all types—pet care, vaping, food, and more—showed off their exciting new products. But the final takeaway was that hemp, CBD, and cannabis are significantly important and are here to stay.

The driving factor behind this event was a passion for cannabis. That’s not hard to grasp either. Research has shown that the popularity of cannabis is at an all-time high. The majority of Americans support legalization in one form or another, whether it’d be medical, recreational, or both. That’s huge, especially when one considers that just a few decades ago, marijuana was criticized as an instigator for violent crimes, degeneracy, and general social unrest. Those days are long gone and the love of cannabis and its benefits is growing. The CBD Expo in Miami is a single example.

Hemp is Eco-Friendly

Hemp, in particular, is worth taking a look at. The uses are plenty. As an edible, it can be used in baking, consumed as an oil, eaten as a leafy veggie, and more. On the manufacturing side, hemp is used for clothing, bags, and fabrics. It can also be turned into a wide variety of eco-friendly building materials, and biodegradable plastic composites which are tougher than steel!

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The green aspect alone makes hemp superior to synthetic, non-biodegradable products. Plastic waste is rampant, and climate change is becoming an increasing threat to life on Earth. The move toward products that are recyclable, clean, and processed in green factories is essential for sustainability. Switching to hemp wherever possible is a fantastic start.

50% of US Adults Have Used Cannabis

Arguing for more hemp, CBD, and cannabis freedom in the United States shouldn’t be difficult. Almost half of Americans adults surveyed in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health admit to having used marijuana. This means that 48% of America’s ENTIRE adult population have willingly used cannabis in some form.  Trying to get Americans to collectively agree on anything is a perilously difficult undertaking. But when it comes to cannabis, at least half of us are admittedly on the same page. 

The USA CBD Expo in Miami is one of many cannabis-related expos striving to bring light to the necessity of hemp and cannabis. Denver’s Noco Hemp Expo (set to take place in March of 2020) aims to bring together professionals to promote and develop an “exponential growth and [an] unparalleled positive impact” in the hemp industry. There’s also the Southern Hemp Expo in Franklin, Tennessee that will take place sometime in September 2019. Both of these events are the type of showcases that have the power to change the future in great ways. Promoting hemp products and cannabis freedom is essential for a vibrant and sustainable tomorrow.

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