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The White House Asks Staff to Resign Over Past Cannabis Use Despite Easing Restrictions

April 5, 2021 10:42 am ET Estimated Read Time: 6 Minutes
The White House Asks Staff to Resign Over Past Cannabis Use Despite Easing Restrictions

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Working for the man fits into the plan for an estimated 2.1 million civilian workers as of 2020, according to federal workforce statistics. This means there are at least 2.1 million people in America who have passed a drug test. There are many different civilian positions held at the federal government. The government employs everyone from accountants and engineers to custodial workers, hospitality workers, and more. Getting a government job, for the most part, means security for many people. The pay is better than most jobs and the benefits, well they are benefits.

The federal government is the nation’s largest employer, and Walmart is the nation’s largest private employer. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA for short, is a federal agency that receives funding via an annual federal budget set forth and passed by the US Congress. They have work contracted with SpaceX. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk notoriously took a hit from a joint on Joe Rogan’s podcast leading to a safety inspection of SpaceX that was paid for by NASA. The safety inspection came at a price tag of $5 million dollars. Elon Musk smoked a little weed on a Joe Rogan podcast, and the federal government decided to spend $5 million on a safety review of his company that came out of taxpayers’ dollars. Meanwhile, the FBI has made it clear to cybersecurity and hacker applicants that they need their help and don’t mind hiring them even if they admit to past cannabis use but must be clean for at least 3 years.

I guess as long as the stigmatized cannabis consumer is providing a service you need, it’s okay. That is bunk. If you’re going to allow something, then you should allow it, not just when it’s convenient. There’s even a brand new policy in place allowing for some White House jobs to be available for individuals who have used cannabis in the past.  But apparently, the White House must have missed the memo about former presidents who have admitted to past cannabis use. Former President Obama openly admitted to smoking weed and unlike slacker Bill Clinton who famously stated “But I didn’t inhale”, Obama actually admitted to inhaling saying that was the point instead of beating around the bush like Clinton. Despite the prior employment restrictions for federal employees, it has become quite evident that past cannabis use, or other drugs for that matter, hasn’t ever stopped anyone from becoming the president of the United States.

A New Employment Policy Eases Restrictions on Past Cannabis Use

The Biden administration made a recent announcement about a new policy that would allow certain positions in the White House to be filled by applicants despite their past use of cannabis. Apparently, the White House is finding it challenging to fill new positions for the Biden administration when it comes to finding applicants that haven’t tried cannabis.

Duh! Where have the so-called elected representatives and lawmakers been? Do they really live under rocks? The vast majority of people in the United States of America have experimented with cannabis at one time or another. Only the strong-hearted prohibitionists and those immensely brainwashed by the lies and falsehoods of reefer madness have steered clear of the devil’s lettuce. At least the Biden administration is bright enough to acknowledge that individuals who have consumed cannabis in the past aren’t damaged goods and are very capable of performing vital functions in government positions. Or are they? We will look at how actions speak louder than words in a moment.

High Clearances No Longer Reserved for Only Those Who Never Got High

It sounds like the White House doesn’t have enough people with high enough clearances to fill the positions required to run our federal government. Perhaps that is the universe’s way of letting them know it is time to change their draconian ways. During the process for filling positions associated with the Biden administration, the transition team discovered qualified candidates were being rejected for top-secret clearances just because of cannabis. Apparently, there’s a lot of cannabis consumers applying for high-profile government jobs.

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Regarding the matter of hiring applicants with a past history of cannabis consumption, a White House official was quoted telling NBC News,

“President Biden is committed to bringing the best people into government, especially the young people whose commitment to public service can deepen in these positions and who can play leadership roles in our country for decades to come. The White House’s policy will maintain the absolute highest standards for service in government that the president expects from his administration while acknowledging the reality that state and local marijuana laws have changed significantly across the country in recent years.”

Finally, the US federal government realizes that just about everybody in college these days has tried cannabis or been exposed to enough cannabis to say they’ve tried it.

The acting director of the Office of Personnel Management, Kathleen McGettigan, issued a memo to executive branch officials. Part of the memo read, ” it would be inconsistent with suitability regulations to implement a policy of finding an individual or veterans suitable for federal service solely on the basis of recency of marijuana use. The nature and seriousness of the use and the nature of the specific position…are also likely to be of important consideration.”

Actions Speak Louder Than Words For the Biden Administration

It seems that the Biden Administration is like the bad guy in the movies saying “come out, come out wherever you are. I won’t hurt you,” as just after releasing these statements the Biden administration asked several employees that fessed up to having consumed cannabis in the past to resign. Others were demoted or moved to remote positions. According to one ex-staffer, there was much confusion regarding who would remain and who wouldn’t because, “the policies were never explained, the threshold for what was excusable and what was inexcusable was never explained.” Seems like the “new policy changes” may unfortunately just be more smoke and mirrors.

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