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Twitter Updates Ad Policies to Allow Packaged Cannabis Products

June 16, 2023 12:00 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes
Twitter Updates Ad Policies to Allow Packaged Cannabis Products

There are a lot of debates and misconceptions about cannabis and its use today. On one hand, it is viewed as a super medicine. On the other hand, which happens to be the most prevalent, it is seen as an evil to society. The truth, however, as revealed by advanced research, has shown that cannabis has a lot of medicinal value. Cannabis has proven to be effective in the medical field in treating chronic pain. It is also useful in treating mental-related issues like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Social media and the internet at large has been a reliable platform for gaining knowledge. Nonetheless, there is much false information about cannabis that has gained ground. Many individuals have released wrong content about cannabis, emphasizing its risks and not its medical advantage. Nevertheless, Twitter is helping to change this narrative.

Twitter’s New Policy   

In February, Twitter relaxed its rules by allowing cannabis companies to advertise their businesses. They were allowed to advertise CBD, THC, and cannabis-derived products and services. However, they were restricted from showing actual packaged products. They could simply responsibly link such ads to their respective web pages. Twitter further updated its cannabis ads policy on April 25, 2023, to allow cannabis companies in some U.S. states to advertise their packaged products on its platform.

This action has made the social media platform a pioneer in this right. This is an unprecedented move compared with other social media platforms. Other social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok do not allow cannabis advertisement at all because it is illegal by the federal authority. 

This news of Twitter’s policy made headlines immediately after it went mainstream. And the update further explains that cannabis companies that are “certified advertisers” can now display “packaged cannabis products in their Twitter ad creative.” It stated, “Going forward, Twitter is allowing advertisers to promote brand preference and informational cannabis-related content for CBD, THC, and cannabis-related products and services.” However, these companies can only target areas where weed is legal and they can only sell to people above 21 years.

What This Means to the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry seeks legislative reform, community impact, and business development, and this new reform is a big step forward. The conversation around cannabis is interesting and has grown larger on Twitter. Many cannabis users have taken their time to share their experiences with using cannabis medicinally for wellness and for recreational purposes.

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Twitter seeks to aid responsible cannabis marketing and to help more people get involved in the cannabis conversation. Since the initial announcement in February, many cannabis companies have run ad campaigns. This has resulted in the platform creating awareness about the innovative products available in the cannabis space while connecting them to cannabis brands, products, and retail sellers. The meaningful feedback from the cannabis industry catalyzed the decision of Twitter to create even more opportunities by relaxing its pot policy.

Amidst the applause for Twitter’s policy change, some cannabis companies have expressed frustrations about its implementation. One such concern is that the ad tracking system of the social media platform didn’t effectively track the number of conversions to convert it to sales. There are speculations that the cannabis ad policy aims to favor bigger cannabis companies compared with smaller ones because it is cost-prohibitive.

In response to these concerns, Twitter officials have explained that the high cost of cannabis adverts is so because of the industry’s initial strong demand. They emphasized that the expensive nature of the ads is temporary and that there would be adjustments with time.

The wellness value of marijuana is not popular because of the prevailing misconception that it is mostly used to “get stoned.” There is the expectation that Twitter’s decision will help boost awareness of the increasing value of cannabis for wellness and health. Many marijuana companies also believe this is a big win for legal cannabis sellers to reach customers that frequent illegal cannabis sellers. Moreso, they hope that more social media platforms replicate Twitter’s decision so they can increase the cannabis conversation and move their cannabis business forward.

The Implication

Twitter ads reach an estimated 5.8% of the world’s population aged 13 and above, amounting to about 544.5 million people. With this policy set in place, you can expect an even greater increase in Twitter users. This cannabis ads policy will help drive the right knowledge to the right audience and hopefully correct long-standing misconceptions.

For brands and businesses, Twitter ads boast an ROI 40% higher than other platforms. Hence, there is optimum advertising revenue to be obtained by cannabis companies. Nonetheless, they are advised to work with experienced cannabis attorneys to ensure their ads comply with Twitter’s advertising rules.

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