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Understanding Osteoporosis

It has been determined that an estimated 10.2 million Americans aged 50+ and another 43 million people have low bone mass, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF).

In addition, according to the NOF report, by 2030, over 71 million Americans will increase either in osteoporosis or low bone mass (that could lead to osteoporosis).

While expensive prescription medication has proven to be ineffective, one of more than 100 marijuana-plant-identified compounds, CBD, may prove to be one of the best osteoporosis remedies.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that leads to the loss of too much bone mass in the body, also known as “porous bones”. Tissue failure, causing bones to become brittle and weak. It means that Osteoporosis patients are poor in bone health since their density is low. This makes them particularly vulnerable to fractures or other injuries. In worse cases, normal physical structures will distort this disease. Osteoporosis can lead to problems like a spinal deformity.


In the early stages of osteoporosis, there are typically few symptoms. You can get symptoms and signs that include when you have weakened your bones by bone loss:

  • Back pain caused by a broken or collapsed backbone
  • Loss of height over time
  • A stooped posture
  • A bone break which occurs much faster than expected

Medical cannabis treatment for osteoporosis

A review of natural medicine in 2005 found that CB1 activation had a role to play in reducing bone mass in the bone and bone loss caused by ovariectomy in a mouse. In the report, the authors proposed “recreational use of cannabis derivatives, or medicinal use … could accelerate bone loss and prevent osteoporosis.”

A French study has shown that human bones are richer than brain cells in endocannabinoids and ligands. In the bone, tissues could also be influenced by a naturally generated cannabinoid called anandamide on our body.

Anandamide helps to bind receptors to CB2. Researchers also suggested that CBD can mimic anandamide, thus impacting bone health positively in people with osteoporosis. The Idris Al research study focused on the significant part of cannabinoid receptors in osteoporosis therapy. The findings show that CBD may have an effect on bone and ligands metabolism. These products can, therefore, be used in bone problems as they can be applied to use cannabinoid receptors to treat anabolic and anti-resorptive treatments.

Researchers Kogan Niemand published a study in 2015 that shows that the maximum loads on their bones have increased considerably when mice were treated with CBD oil. It also found that the healing of fractures or broken bones can accelerate the process of CBD.

Apart from what a healthcare professional suggests, a regular exercise and a healthy diet that includes foods to help keep your body safe and strong can also control the risk of osteoporosis. Natural products like plant-produced CBD oil may also contribute to bone health through their rich organic minerals.

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Data Last Updated 03/16/2020