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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania

April 4, 2018 09:16 pm ET

On April 17 2016, Pennsylvania’s Governor, Tom Wolf, signed legalization for the state’s medical marijuana program. This law has given patients and physicians protection, giving them the foundation necessary to an organized and regulated system for those who wish to use marijuana for their medical treatment. Instructions were given to the state, and finally, by the second half of 2017, the patient program application opened. Licenses were distributed among 50 dispensaries that will gradually open across the state, with a large concentration of dispensaries in the Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Requirements of Pennsylvania’s MMJ Program

In Pennsylvania, you cannot smoke the flower and the only ways you can use it are with tinctures, pills, oils, topical forms, liquid and by vaporization or nebulization. Patients are not allowed to grow marijuana, sell or give it to anyone, buy edibles, and definitely cannot drive under the influence of marijuana.

If you suffer from one of the twenty conditions cataloged in Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program like cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, chronic pain, and several more, you can go after your Medical Marijuana Card just following some simple steps with the help of Veriheal. Veriheal is a platform that was created to connect patients with the physicians and the dispensaries nearest to them. The platform will lead you to an appointment with approved physicians that will recommend a treatment for you with medical marijuana.

To get into Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program you need to be a resident in the state of Pennsylvania and it is necessary that you provide proof of residency, like a Pennsylvania I.D. The physicians available will all be registered with the PA DOH program. If you are not from Pennsylvania but wish to get a Medical Marijuana Card from there, you can opt to have your case analyzed by the Department of Health.

A patient must also have one of the 17 qualifying serious conditions approved by the state’s program. The conditions are:

Checked the list and have one of the conditions listed above? Well, now it is time to get all your medical records and take it to a licensed cannabis physician. The good news is that the Veriheal can help you with that.

The Process Just Got Easier

To get your medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, you will first need to sign up with the state and receive a patient ID number. This is instantly verified and synced with your PA drivers license number/ID. Then you can sign up and consult with one of the approved medical marijuana doctors in our network, make sure to bring your patient ID number with. The costs of the medical evaluation, consultation, recommendation, and approval are $199. You will be issued a refund in FULL if you are denied for whatever reason, however we have a 99% success rate. During this consult, which takes around 5 to 10 minutes, you get to show your medical records, talk to the physician where he/she will answer all of your questions around marijuana treatment.

Once you get the physician’s recommendation, it is time to go to Pennsylvania Department of Health website and fill out this form with capital letters. A fee of $50 must be submitted along with the physician details and certification information. The Medical Marijuana Card will arrive in your mail and you will be able to purchase cannabis legally from a dispensary of your choice in PA. Veriheal has a great resource to help you find all of the dispensaries in your area.

The dispensaries in Pennsylvania offer cannabis in the oil form, pills, tinctures, cream, ointments, and liquids. In Pennsylvania, it was initially forbidden to sell or buy the flower in its dry form, but now dispensaries are selling flower to be vaporized. If you need or is simply interested in any more information about the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, click here to learn more.

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70 year old with onset glaucoma and chronic arthritis pain

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