Liver Disease

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Cannabis and CBD for Liver Disease

One of the great abilities of the liver is to repair itself, and even if it is damaged, a healthy liver regenerates cells. For human life, a healthy liver is critical.

However, the liver loses this capacity if the damage to the liver is too serious or happens over a long time. The liver then creates scar tissue.

What is Liver Disease?

A damaged liver that has become cirrhosis can regenerate the tissue of the scar. The healing cells are replaced by scar tissue. The liver can therefore not function correctly.

The longer this cycle continues, the more lethal it is. The scar tissue starts to overtake the healthy tissues as the cirrhosis progresses. Only basic functions are becoming more and more complicated for the liver.

Research shows, however, that marijuana can help. In fact, the cause of the condition can even be treated.

What is CBD oil and how does it treat the liver?

The hemp plant in the same family as marijuana extracts cannabidiol oil. CBD does not lead to “high” or chemical dependency, as does THC in marijuana. CBD extracted from the hemp plant is legal, but there is legislation in each country to regulate it.

The ECS is one of the most important systems in the body, present in humans as well as animals. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are located in the brain, skin, organs, and central nervous system. The receptors together form a signaling system that maintains health and balance between almost all metabolic processes. The CB receivers combining with body-produced chemicals called endocannabinoids are part of this signaling.

When cannabinoids in cannabis (such as THC and CBD) develop dysfunction in this system, they are naturally the ideal supplement for the ECS.

The Hebrew University Medical School researchers in 2005 found that endocannabinoids can help in modulating the inflammatory response and vascular modifications. Endocannabinoids are crucial to the neurological functioning of individuals with liver disorders, such as cirrhosis and fibrosis, as shown in the study.

CBD plays a crucial role for the treatment of liver disease in a 2011 study published by Cell Death and Disease. Mice were progressively fed various cannabinoids during an 8-month period. The researchers found surprise, that in HSC or hepatic star cells, CBD induced apoptosis. The formation of scar tissues in the liver is responsible for the HCSs.

This study, however, does not involve human subjects but it does show that a doctor or specialist should be consulted before it is added to the diet. In other words, CBD has killed harmful cells that lead to the progression of liver disease.

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Data Last Updated 03/16/2020