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The Pros and Cons of Consuming Edibles

February 21, 2018 07:00 pm ET
The Pros and Cons of Consuming Edibles

For starters, let us start by explaining what edibles are. Edibles are products that contains cannabis substances, and these substances can come as oils, tinctures, butter, and even the plant itself. They come in a variety of products, you will see them as cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes and of course other foods like firecrackers, cereal, tea, coffee, etc. So now buckle up and check it out the pros of eating cannabis.

The Pros

Certainly, those that consume cannabis, may it be recreational or medical, have a favorite way to consume it. This can be either smoking, vaping, capsules or eating (we won’t mention the hundreds different ways to use cannabis). But even though smoking is the most common way to do it, there are lots of people around the US with respiratory diseases, a number that goes around 36 million people. How the diseases affect individuals and the intensity of the damages caused by smoking when you have issues such as asthma is unpredictable. Thus, it is better to be careful and prevent yourself from smoking and you can still ingest cannabis and have the same effects with edibles.

We can say that the options are infinite when it comes to edibles. You can try it in different ways, the market has so many types of edibles available that it would be difficult to choose what are you eating. Imagine you are in the mood for pasta, or ice cream, beverages or your looking to eat a chocolate cake with cannabis in it. Sounds good, right? And if you don’t find it at a dispensary, you can always do it at home. We’ve got a long list of cannabis cooking tutorials and recipes coming soon, so stay tuned for that.

Probably the best pro when we talk about edibles: the effects stay in your body for a lot longer than when you smoke or vape. Since you eat it, you have to digest it, and THC will be absorbed through your gastro-intestinal system and metabolized in your liver. This makes the effects last longer, which is perfect for those who suffer with chronic pain.

The Cons

Ok, that all sounds good. But what about the bad side of the edibles? First, and probably the biggest complaint is how long it takes to you really start feeling the effects. Since you have to digest it, takes from 1 hour to 3 hours so you can start feeling the effects. Which is really bad for those who might be suffering from certain kinds of pain. This will have to make the person wait a little bit longer than she would if she smoked or vaped, since the substance reaches the blood system very quickly when these methods are used.

Another con is that since the effects take longer to appear, the person using it is very likely to use too much, since she will start to think that it is probably not working or that she consumed too little. Wait a minute! Edibles will take longer and even if you know that, it is likely that you will overestimate the quantity while making the edible or when buying it. So, be careful, start with small doses and then you increase its quantity according to what effect you’re expecting to get.

After all, if you are doing it in your house it will be difficult to get the dosage right, so be careful with that. When you buy straight from a dispensary it is easier to know how much you are consuming, so it is easier to get it right. With the correct amount and patience to find it, you will get everything right sometime and will be able to enjoy your edible with a 100% safety.

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Can I renew my card here if I have a card but it expires in november


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