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CBD: The Miraculous Medicine We All Deserve

October 19, 2018 09:52 pm ET
CBD: The Miraculous Medicine We All Deserve

The Legal Status of CBD

CBD products are gaining popularity on there own aside from the legalization movement of cannabis worldwide. Times are changing in the cannabis industry as the US federal government is taking the necessary steps to end the War on Cannabis. Effective September 28, 2018, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) made a groundbreaking announcement:

With the issuance of this final order, the Acting Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration places certain drug products that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and which contain cannabidiol (CBD) in schedule V of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Specifically, this order places FDA-approved drugs that contain CBD derived from cannabis and no more than 0.1 percent tetrahydrocannabinols in schedule V.

It is important to note GW Pharmaceutical’s CBD derived extract, Epidiolex, is the only CBD based medicine approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Under the DEA’s Schedule IV status, CBD is now classified the least restrictive substance. Hemp derived CBD products are legal to purchase in stores and online in all 50 states. However, there are gray areas involving the oil, which is still federally illegal.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an extract of the cannabis plant. Due to the legalization of cannabis, there are varieties of high CBD strains of cannabis that you can purchase your local dispensary. THC is a chemical component that causes the intoxicating effects found in cannabis plants. However, high-CBD and low-THC strains of cannabis do not produce intoxication but offer the ability to alleviate many ailments including seizures. These strains, such as Charlotte’s Web, highlight the miraculous characteristics of cannabis in the form of cannabis oil and edibles, which is safely administered by a doctor’s care for children suffering from seizures due to epilepsy. CNN’s medical correspondent Doctor Sanjay Gupta recently hosted a documentary highlighting CBD for children diagnosed with epilepsy and seizures. In the documentary, Weed 4: Pot vs Pills, Doctor Sanjay Gupta emphasized the medicinal value of cannabidiol.

Many doctors and proponents of holistic and all natural medicine trust in the therapeutic component of CBD as an alternative medicine to reduce various symptoms to alleviate the following conditions according to the World Health Organization: “nausea, irritable bowl syndrome, post traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety, depression, glaucoma, appetite stimulation, cancer size reduction, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, inflammatory disease, and infection.” Research has also proven that CBD is not toxic to the human body. As a result, major studies from the scientific community continuously approves the medicinal benefits of CBD. It is clearly evident that more research needs to be done to prove the effectiveness of this medicine. Our country can no longer rely on doctors continuously prescribing addictive medications that aren’t giving patients relief.

The Plethora of CBD Products

CBD can be delivered to your body in multiple ways ranging from applying topical cream over your skin to eating CBD infused products. High quality CBD products are available for users to consume high quality chocolates and drinking a refreshing infused beverages. Without a doubt consuming these products is another way for users to be able to receive the medical benefits aside from the conventional ways of either vaping or taking CBD drops. There are endless possibilities of  infused foods and drinks ranging from CBD coffee, to CBD candy, and even hemp seeds for smoothies.

As a result, Cannabis and CBD are gaining popularity with the legalization movement across the United States with 30 medical states and 10 recreational states. Natural living is the way to go by using CBD infused products!

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